Paul L. Franco

Lecturer | UW - Seattle

I have taught at the University of Washington since 2012, first as an Acting Assistant Professor, and now as a Lecturer (from 2016 forward). I teach across the curriculum: History of Philosophy -- 17th & 18th c., and 20th c. (sorry 19th c.!) -- Ethics, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Logic, and Practical Reasoning. Before teaching at UW, I taught at Haverford College and the University of Pennsylvania (where I did my graduate studies).

My research is mainly in the history of philosophy and philosophy of science. I'm interested in values and science, debates about philosophical methodology in the history of analytic philosophy, and Kant and 20th century philosophy of science (the topic of my 2011 dissertation). Abstracts of my publications and of upcoming talks can be found at the research tab above.

I am a member of the editorial committee of ARCADE, a Seattle-based non-profit that creates opportunities for discussions about design and the built environment.

The banner image, "Trees Moving through Fog," was painted by my partner, Erin Kendig. You might also check out my brother Santos J. Franco's lab, and my sister Sarah Franco's work.

I am from Roswell, NM. You can find me on Twitter, where I often tweet about early analytic philosophy, here.