The Special Interest Group in Data Science Studies at the University of Washington is a group of cross-disciplinary researchers interested in the sociocultural and organizational dimensions of data science. We invite participation from anyone who may be interested in these areas of study or in any kind of reflexive engagement with data science.

The Data Science Studies SIG is housed at the eScience Institute and exists to create opportunities for discussing research, reading scholarly work related to this subfield, supporting research collaborations, and leveraging sociotechnical perspectives to inform data science practice.

If you are interested in becoming a core affiliate of data science studies, please contact Anissa Tanweer (tanweer@uw.edu). If you are interested in hearing about our events, please join our email list.

Program Chair of Data Science Studies SIG

Research Scientist, eScience Institute

Program Coordinator of Data Science Studies SIG

Postdoctoral Fellow, eScience Institute

Faculty Chair of Data Science Studies SIG

Professor, Human-Centered Design and Engineering