Special Interest Group for

Data Science Studies

@ University of Washington


Data Science Studies was a group of cross-disciplinary researchers interested in the sociocultural and organizational dimensions of data science. The group convened from 2015-2021, first as a Working Group associated with the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments and later as a Special Interest Group. Materials from the group's activities can be accessed through this website.

The Data Science Studies Special Interest Group was housed at the eScience Institute and existed to create opportunities for discussing research, reading scholarly work related to this subfield, supporting research collaborations, and leveraging sociotechnical perspectives to inform data science practice.

Data Science Studies Working Group and Special Interest Group meetings created a space on campus for critical reflection, reflexive engagement, and dialogue between researchers who practice data science and scholars who study social dimensions of data-intensive technologies and practices.

The Data Then and Now seminar series explored the social and organizational history of data and data practices in order to better understand the current data-intensive moment through its antecedents and continuities. It featured invited speakers from around the country and around the world.

We partnered with a range of faculty and organizations around campus to organize and host a number of workshops, discussions, information sessions, and other interactive events that offered critical, fresh perspectives on data-intensive practice, research, and technologies.