Sharing the Reward of kNowing God

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STRONG is a Catholic college-aged retreat team that puts on high school and middle school retreats around the Austin diocese. United by a common interest in sharing God's love with the youth of our Church, STRONG reaches out to the community by setting good examples of leadership and a faith lived out.

As a student organization based out of the University Catholic Center at UT-Austin, STRONG puts on annual fundraisers for the parish as well as the Welcome Retreat for new members of the UT community. We are also a tight-knit family who loves to share our faith and our college experiences together.

As a retreat team, we typically hold a staff retreat in the fall as well as travel to parishes and host retreats for youth groups throughout the school year. We bring well-planned and well-executed retreats to the parishes we serve. STRONG retreats are fun, exciting, colorful, energetic, faith-filled, and Christ-centered. We love sharing the rewards of knowing God and strive to inspire the youth we encounter to have the same passion!