Sharing the Rewards of kNowing God

We are STRONG!

STRONG is a Catholic, college-aged retreat team who puts on high school and middle school retreats around the Diocese of Austin. With a decades-long legacy and united by a common interest in sharing God's love with the youth of our Church, STRONG impacts the community by setting good examples of leadership and faith to the youth and the Diocese as a whole.

We are a student organization based out of the University Catholic Center at the University of Texas at Austin. We are also a tight-knit family who loves to share our faith and our college experiences with each other and with the youth of the diocese. We are formed for our mission during our Tuesday night meetings at 8:30PM in the St. Mother Teresa Room at the University Catholic Center. 

As a retreat team, we typically travel to parishes and host retreats for youth groups, as well as holding staff retreats throughout the academic year. We bring well-planned and well-executed retreats to the parishes we serve. STRONG retreats are fun, exciting, colorful, energetic, faith-filled, and Christ-centered. We love sharing the rewards of knowing God, and we strive to inspire the youth we encounter to have the same passion!