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Honor Roll for 1st Semester


Grade School


6th : Keegan Barta, Aeris Brock, Ben Feldkamp, Sam Heller, Cash McCollum,and Nash Seehafer.

5th : Christina Balluch, Kendal Batchman, Hadley Bland, Callyn Brummer,

Tayleigh Denning, Cason Hlad, Jaxson Meitler, Peyton Nielsen, Nicholas

Oltean, Kenneth Pahls, Keira Palmer, Rio Siebert, and Kayden Watts.

4th : Micah Agler, Kierstin Baker, Benton Barta, Kai Frederking, Jacob

Gosvener, Ava Graf, Tara Mueller, Wyatt Mullender, Caleb Pritchett,

Cassody Siebert, Ronni Stoppel, and Emerald Ugboc.

3rd : Maleah Beatty, Emery Berg, Maci Bland, Treyvonn Clark, Logan Koehn,

Leann Lamb, Trey Meitler, Jesse Pahls, Acee Schneider, Ryler Wacker, and Marytt Woodard.

3.5 – 3.99 GPA HONOR ROLL:

6th : Kelton Frederking, Allie Gier, Logan Graf, Devyn Scott, and Colyn Starkey.

4th : Adriaan Geustyn, Chloey McCollum, and Briggs Seehafer.

3rd : Jazlyn Blazier, and Annabelle McCoy.

JH/ High School

4.0 Honor Roll

12th- Goldie Dohe, Taylor Fallis, Emma Griffiths, Kaylee Johnson, Keeli Knobbe, Sophia Pancost, Addie Wallace

11th- Emma Cline, Emma Finkenbinder, Brooklyn Gosvener, Sydney Heller

10th- Anna Feldkamp, Maggie Labertew, Harlan Pancost

9th – Vance Dohl, Breckyn Gosvener, Molly Heller, Carter Johnson, Josie Svaty

3.5 to 3.99 Honor Roll

12th- Valden Dohl, Skyylar Goss, Clara Griffiths, Jase Labertew, Jon Michael, Liberty Ringler, Zachary Ryan

11th- William Anschutz, Brody Batchman, Madalyn Dobrinski, Elsie Finkenbinder, Lucile Harp, Ella Hogan, Lane Homewood, Gunner Hulse, Matthew Lawson, McKaylee Maupin, Kolton Palmer, Jacob Schultz

10th- Emily Cheek, Hannah Pahls, CD Webber

9th- Ashton Bennison, Montana Griffiths, Elijah McCoy, Harlee Nelson, Kristyn Nimz, LeeAllie Wacker


4.0 Honor Roll

8th- Abby Feldkamp, Morgan Finkenbinder, Saydee Goss, Codie Huehl

7th- Tevis Dohl, Cooper Johnson, Jayden Meitler, Lily Pancost, Belle Wehrman

3.5 to 3.99 Honor Roll

8th- Kenzley Frederking, Braelyn Maupin, Zayne Maupin, Delaney McCollum, Kadence Palmer

7th- Chloe Balluch, Annaleise Bland, William Cline, Tucker Mullender, Jacob Oltean, Mina Pahls, Kale Sorensen



SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2022 AT 7:00 P.M. AND SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2022 AT 3:00 P.M.



Please join the Sylvan-Lucas Unified High School Vocal Music Department as they perform Disney’s “High School Musical, Jr.” on both Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20. They will also do a matinee for the Lucas-Sylvan Elementary School on Thursday, November 17, at 12:30 P.M. All performances will be in the High School Commons Area.

Musical productions are a long-time tradition for our high school and, over the years, many wonderful and professionally-done shows have entertained our communities! This year is no exception and we invite everyone in our communities to come out and support these great young people in this special musical endeavor! They have worked for many weeks to bring to their audience an excellent and very entertaining show.

We have eight amazing Seniors in the production this year. Goldie Dohe and Clara Griffiths are our music technicians. Liberty Ringler is the Spotlight technician with Addie Wallace in charge of stage lighting. Addie also plays the part of Ms. Darbus, East High’s eccentric drama teacher. Passionate and disciplined, she never stops trying to enrich the lives of her students through the wonders of live theater. Keeli Knobbe plays the part of Sharpay Evans, the dramatic and self-centered star of the school musicals. Between her and twin brother, Ryan (Harlan Pancost), she is the Alpha twin, an over-the-top, demanding and always showing her enthusiastic flair for the theater and working the crowd! Taylor Fallis plays the part of Susan, a fellow thespian to Sharpay, who makes quite an impression with her audition for the school musical, “Romeo and Juliet.” Taylor also helps Clara and Goldie with music technology. Kaylee Johnson plays the part of Gabriella Montez, a new student who’s struggling to find her place. She can be described as a Renaissance woman who doesn’t fully identify with any of the school cliques, but she comes into her own when she discovers her talent and love for singing with Troy (Valden Dohl). Valden plays the part of Troy Bolton, the most popular student at East High and the star of the basketball team. Troy really wants to be more than “just the basketball guy” to his friends and, especially, to his Dad, Coach Bolton (Matthew Lawson).

The musical features all 38 members of the choir with choreography and supportive roles. Other major parts are played by Harlan Pancost (Ryan Evans), Matthew Lawson (Coach Bolton), Jacob Schultz (Jack Scott), Sydney Heller (Taylor Mckessie), Hannah Pahls (Kelsi Nielsen), Layne Buttenhoff (Chad Danforth), Isaac Schultz (Zeke Baylor), Anna Feldkamp (Martha Cox), Maggie Labertew (Kate Kanfield), Eli Schultz (Kratinoff), Gunner Hulse (James), Aubrelle Hurlbut (Ms. Tenny), and Molly Heller (Moderator).

Please join us as these fine young musicians guide you through what really matters in all situations, to be yourself. “Together” we are all better, stronger, kinder people who can accomplish the goals in life that seem to be the hardest to attain.


On Saturday, December 3, 2022, the High School District Honor Choir, the High School District Honor Band and the District Elementary Honor Choir will perform in Beach Schmidt Auditorium on the campus of Fort Hays State University. The Elementary concert will be at 12:30 and the High School concert will be at 3:30. There is a $5.00 admission fee, but if parents want to attend both concerts, they can keep their ticket or be stamped and only pay the $5.00 fee one time.

Representing Lucas-Sylvan Elementary School in the District Honor Choir are Ben Feldkamp, Nash Seehafer, Cash McCollum, Keagan Barta, Kelton Frederking and Allie Gier. They were selected by a vocal audition, their academic scores in their regular classes and their leadership in the Elementary School.Their clinician is Lisa Simmelink from Eisenhower Elementary School in McPherson, Kansas. Lisa earned a Master of Music Education degree from Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas and her undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Arts in K-12 Choral Music Education and Vocal Performance from Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. She was also awarded a Kodaly certificate from the nationally endorsed Kodaly program at Colorado State University.

Representing the Sylvan-Lucas Unified High School Music Department in the District Honor Choir are Addie Wallace and Hannah Pahls. Anna Feldkamp and Jacob Schultz are representatives from our High School Band. All High School students had to audition for a place in these two prestigious music performance groups. Dr. Luke Johnson from Mid-American Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas is the honor band clinician. Dr. Mark Lucas, from Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas is the honor choir clinician.

Mrs. Jennifer Feldkamp is the high school band instructor for Anna and Jacob and Mrs. Janet Seehafer is the vocal teacher for the Elementary choir and both Hannah and Addie.


Wilson Lake Eco Meet

Eco Meet @ Wilson Lake

Harlan, Maggie, Anna & Emily received 3rd place overall team, 4th place interpretive event, 4th place scavenger hunt

Anna was the 5th high individual in the ornithology test

Mock Interview Challenge

Senior students enrolled in Personal Finance class participated in Mock Interviews on Wednesday, conducted by Kimberly Meyer and Rhonda Haberer. As part of this process, students created a cover letter and professional resume with references for an entry-level position for which they are currently qualified. Each student was evaluated on these elements, in addition to their performance during a mock interview. The top performing student from each section received a call-back interview. Those two students were Taylor Fallis and Keeli Knobbe. Completing a second interview in front of the panel of two potential employers, the student who had the best responses and documents was selected as the person who "Got the Job." While interviewers commended all students on their interviews, they ultimately selected Keeli Knobbe as the winner.


The Sylvan-Lucas Unified High School Homecoming festivities will be held on Friday, October 7th. The theme for Homecoming is “Once Upon a Time.”

There will be a parade, starting at 2:00 PM in downtown Sylvan Grove. Patrons are encouraged to participate. If you or your organization has an entry for the parade, please contact the high school office, 785-526-7175. We are asking all parade entries to start lining up on the north side of the city park at 1:30 PM.

Immediately following the parade there will be a community pep rally in front of the Bennington State Bank on Main Street. The pep rally is hosted by the SLUHS cheerleaders whose sponsors are Ms. Sheree Herold and Ms. December Gier.

The Homecoming court consists of Lauren Starkey and Slade Naylor as the kindergarten attendants. The Homecoming Queen candidates are Emma Griffiths, Keeli Knobbe, Goldie Dohe and Sophie Pancost. The Homecoming King candidates are Valden Dohl, Jase Labertew, Geriun Boor and Zach Ryan..

The Homecoming ceremony will begin at 6:00 PM at the Weatherman football field. Following the crowning, the Sylvan-Lucas Unified Mustangs will take on the Wilson Dragons starting at 7:00 PM.

The Homecoming dance will be held in the high school commons area. The dance will begin immediately following the game and last until 11:30 p.m. The dance is sponsored by the Sophomore class and their sponsor, Mrs. Bernie Hlad.

We hope to have a great turn-out for the parade and other Homecoming festivities. Sylvan-Lucas Unified STUCO invites you to come and support the Sylvan-Lucas Unified Mustangs Friday, October 7th.

Letter to Households-Chgs to SNP for SY 2022-2023 (1).docx

Lucas-Sylvan Unified Grade School

4th Quarter Honor Roll

4.0 GPA

6th Grade: Cooper Johnson, Jayden Meitler, Lily Pancost, and Belle Wehrman.

5th Grade: Ben Feldkamp.

4th Grade: Kendal Batchman, Cason Hlad, Jaxson Meitler, Peyton Nielsen, Keira Palmer, and Euriah Wilson.

3rd Grade: Micah Agler, Kierstin Baker, Benton Barta, Kai Frederking, Ava Graf, Tara Mueller, Wyatt Mullender, Cassody Siebert, Ronni Stoppel and Emerald Ugboc.

3.5 – 3.99 GPA

6th Grade: Annaleise Bland, William Cline, Tevis Dohl, Tucker Mullender, Jacob Oltean, Mina Pahls, and Jordynn Zapata.

5th Grade: Keegan Barta, Aeris Brock, Kelton Frederking, Allie Gier, Logan Graf, Sam Heller, and Colyn Starkey.

4th Grade: Chrissy Balluch, Hadley Bland, Callyn Brummer, Tayleigh Denning, JJ Frederick, Nicholas Oltean, Kenneth Pahls, Rio Siebert, Aubrianna Thorlton, Brandon Thorlton, and Kayden Watts.

3rd Grade: Adriaan Geustyn, Jacob Gosvener, Chloey McCollum, and Caleb Pritchett.

Sylvan-Lucas Unified HS/JH Honor Roll

Second Semester

4.0 Honor Roll

12th Grade- Lizebeth Cline, Katlyn Homewood, Hunter Hulse, Celine Meli, Tressa Wehrman

11th Grade- Taylor Fallis, Kaylee Johnson, Keeli Knobbe

10th Grade- Sydney Heller

9th Grade- Anna Feldkamp, Maggie Labertew, Harlan Pancost

8th Grade- Breckyn Gosvener, Molly Heller

7th Grade- Abigail Feldkamp, Morgan Finkenbinder, Kenzley Frederking, Codie Huehl

3.5 to 3.9 Honor Roll

12th Grade- Dillyn Brummer, Dayton Couse, Walter Decker, Jaxson Heenan, MeKelle Hurlbut, Rylee Noyes, Brooke Wehrman

11th Grade- Goldie Dohe, Valden Dohl, Emma Griffiths, Jase Labertew, Sophia Pancost, Zachary Ryan, Angelina Urban, Addie Wallace

10th Grade- William Anschutz, Brody Batchman, Emma Cline, Madalyn Dobrinski, Elsie Finkenbinder, Emma Finkenbinder, Kailea Goss, Brooklyn Gosvener, Lucile Harp, Lane Homewood, Matthew Lawson, McKaylee Maupin, Kolton Palmer

9th Grade- Emily Cheek

8th Grade- Layne Buttenhoff, Vance Dohl, Montana Griffiths, Carter Johnson, Kristyn Nimz, Lauren Pritchett, LeeAllie Wacker

7th Grade- Kadence Palmer

Congrats 2022 Graduates!!

Youth Entrepreneur Challenge

Kansas Entrepreneur Challenge

Hunter Hulse – Awarded $1,200 for Mathematics Matters

Brooke and Tressa Wehrman – Awarded $600 for B & T Destinations

A student entrepreneurship competition featuring 61 high school and 8 community college teams from across Kansas has awarded entrepreneurial-minded students with $75,000 in prize money. The Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge gave students experience in the process of making a business proposal. The annual event was organized by the Kansas State University Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship and was sponsored by the Kansas Masonic Foundation on behalf of all Kansas Masons, and supported by Network Kansas. The Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge saw teams compete in two areas: an executive summary and a mock boardroom session. In the mock boardroom, judges reviewed each teams' executive summary and had 10 minutes with each team to ask questions about their businesses. The judges' scores were used to determine winners in the different competition divisions. High school teams also had the option to participate in a tradeshow event showcasing their products and services. Guests at the competition were able to vote for their favorite idea. The winning team received a $500 prize sponsored by Network Kansas. "This event is an opportunity to showcase the tremendous entrepreneurial talent we have in the state of Kansas," said Chad Jackson, director of the Center for the Advancement of Entrepreneurship. "The real-world experience of pitching a business in front of the type of business experts we have on our panel is invaluable to these students, and provides real-world feedback and support to launch companies within our state."


On Saturday, April 9, the Sylvan-Lucas Unified High School Music Students traveled to Cloud County Community College in Concordia, Kansas to participate in the Regional Music Festival. Those ensembles and students who qualified for the State Music Festival with one ratings are as follows: Men's Vocal Ensemble; Girl's Vocal Ensemble; Mixed Vocal Ensemble; MeKelle Hurlbut, Vocal Solo; Kaylee Johnson, Vocal Solo; Keeli Knobbe, Vocal Solo; Addie Wallace, Vocal Solo; Sydney Heller, Vocal Solo; Anna Feldkamp, Vocal Solo; Harlan Pancost, Vocal Solo; and Addie Wallace, Baritone Saxophone Solo. The State Music Festival will be held at Hesston College on April 30, 2022.

Those students who received a two rating on their solos are Anna Feldkamp, trombone solo; William Dohe, trombone solo; Jacob Schultz, baritone solo; Brooklyn Gosvener, flute solo and Harlan Pancost, trumpet solo.

Mrs. Janet Seehafer is the vocal teacher and Mrs. Jennifer Feldkamp is the instrumental teacher for these fine musicians from Sylvan-Lucas. Parents are welcome to attend the State Festival in Hesston. Thank you, patrons and parents, for your continued support of our Music Department!


The Sylvan-Lucas Speech and Drama Team captured the Northern Plains League Championship with 133 team points. Lincoln placed 2nd with 99 points, and Natoma finished 3rd with 63. Every member of the SLUHS squad medaled in at least one event, and out of the nine events offered, Sylvan won 1st place in five of them. Individual league champions are Kaylee Johnson in Informative Speaking, Sydney Heller in Original Oration and Serious Solo, Dayton Couse and Ray Decker in Duet Acting, and Hannah Pahls in Prose. Other medalists are Kaylee Johnson, 2nd in Oration and 2nd in Impromptu Speaking; Keeli Knobbe, 2nd in Humorous Solo and Duet Acting; Addie Wallace, 2nd in Duet Acting and 3rd in Serious Solo; Jacob Schultz, 3rd in Impromptu Speaking and 5th in Humorous Solo. Goldie Dohe, 4th in Prose and 6th in Poetry; Anna Feldkamp and Hannah Pahls, 5th in Duet; Harlan Pancost and Vaden Dohl, 4th in Duet. The team will participate in the State Speech and Drama Championships on May 7th.


4.0 GPA

6th: Tevis Dohl, Cooper Johnson, Jayden Meitler, and Lily Pancost.

5th: Keegan Barta, Ben Feldkamp, and Logan Graf.

4th: Kendal Batchman, Hadley Bland, Callyn Brummer, Cason Hlad, Jaxson Meitler, Peyton Nielson, Nicholas Oltean, Kenny Pahls, Keira Palmer, and Euriah Wilson.

3rd: Kierstin Baker, Kai Frederking, Tara Mueller, Wyatt Mullender, and Ronni Stoppel

3.5 to 3.99 GPA

6th: Annaleise Bland, William Cline, Tucker Mullender, Mina Pahls, and Belle Wehrman.

5th: Aeris Brock, Kelton Frederking, Allie Gier, Samuel Heller, Cash McCollum, and Colyn Starkey.

4th: Tayleigh Denning, J.J. Frederick, Rio Siebert, Aubrianna Thorlton, Brandon Thorlton, and Kayden Watts.

3rd: Micah Agler, Benton Barta, Adriaan Geustyn, Jacob Gosvener, Ava Graf, Chloey McCollum, Caleb Pritchett, Cassody Siebert, and Emerald Ugboc.

Speech and Drama

The Sylvan Speech and Drama team captured 1st place at the Lincoln Speech Meet on Monday, March 21st. The team tallied 120 for the win, followed by Natoma, who scored 76 points, and Trego, with 61 points. Five more individuals on the team also qualified for the State Speech and Drama Championships by placing 1st or 2nd in their event. First place honors were as follows: Addie Wallace and Keeli Knobbe in Duet; Kaylee Johnson in Impromptu Speaking; Sydney Heller in Original Oration and Serious Solo; and Anna Feldkamp in Prose. Other medalists were Kaylee Johnson 2nd in Original Oration and 4th in Poetry; Anna Feldkamp and Hannah Pahls, 2nd in Duet; Keeli Knobbe, 2nd in Humorous Solo; Ray Decker 5th in Original Oration; Jacob Schultz 4th in Humorous Solo, 5th in Impromptu Speaking, and 6th Serious Solo; Addie Wallace 4th in Serious Solo; Ray Decker and Valden Dohl 6th in Duet and 4th in IDA; Hannah Pahls, 5th in Prose. Other team members performing were Goldie Dohe in poetry and prose; Valden Dohl in poetry.

Picture Attached -

Front row l-r - Keeli Knobbe, Sydney Heller, Kaylee Johnson

Middle row l-r - Hannah Pahls, Anna Feldkamp, Goldie Dohe, Addie Wallace

Back row l-r - Jacob Schultz, Ray Decker, Valden Dohl

FUNDRAISERS short one.docx

USD 299 Mission Statement

The Mission of Sylvan-Lucas Unified Schools is to provide students with a safe atmosphere, balanced curriculum, and a progressive education that will help the students become active, well-educated and responsible citizens. Utilizing technology, communications, leadership and community involvement; the staff will challenge students to reach their fullest potential and prepare them for post-secondary education or entry into the workforce.

Sylvan-Lucas Unified School District has made a commitment to technological advancements so that staff and students will be equipped to work successfully in our complex world in the future.

USD 299 Sylvan-Lucas Unified Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Jeff Starkey, Superintendent of Schools - District Compliance Officer

504 W. 4th Street, Sylvan Grove, KS 67481 / (785)526-7175