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Stay Hydrated

We all know how easy it is to grab another can of soda or cup of coffee instead of another glass of water. With the wide array of beverages available these days, water always seems like the boring option. Your body relies on water to perform a laundry list of vital tasks, including supporting your brain function, helping circulate blood throughout your body and regulating your body temperature. Since you're constantly losing water throughout the day as you breathe, sweat and use the restroom, it's critical that you replace the water you lose. Here are tips for staying hydrated:

● Know how much water you need to consume every day

● Make drinking a glass of water part of your normal routine

● Carry a water bottle

● Try unsweetened sparkling water or flavor your water by adding fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs

● Track your water intake using an app

● Choose hydrating snacks, such as cucumbers, celery, strawberries or watermelon

● Distribute your water intake throughout the day (playing catch up at the end of the day doesn't negate the fact that you were dehydrated all day)

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USD 299 Mission Statement

The Mission of Sylvan-Lucas Unified Schools is to provide students with a safe atmosphere, balanced curriculum, and a progressive education that will help the students become active, well-educated and responsible citizens. Utilizing technology, communications, leadership and community involvement; the staff will challenge students to reach their fullest potential and prepare them for post-secondary education or entry into the workforce.

Sylvan-Lucas Unified School District has made a commitment to technological advancements so that staff and students will be equipped to work successfully in our complex world in the future.

USD 299 Sylvan-Lucas Unified Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Jude Stecklein, Superintendent of Schools - District Compliance Officer

504 W. 4th Street, Sylvan Grove, KS 67481 / (785)526-7175