USD 239 Parents as Teachers

Did you know that children learn the most from the people they love?

As a parent, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Your home is your child’s first school. Your child's first years provide the foundation for success in both school and life. Let Parents as Teachers help you be the teacher your child needs!

Why Parents as Teachers?

    • You are your child’s first and most important teacher!
    • This FREE program is designed to provide you with developmental information appropriate for your child through the age of six or the start of Kindergarten.
    • Each stage in your child’s development is important and comes with opportunities for learning.
    • Parents as Teachers will guide you through these stages while providing you tools, activities, and encouragement.
    • If your family needs further assistance, Parents as Teachers will help you find the help needed.
    • Parents as Teachers will help you will feel more confident as a parent.

What is Parents as Teachers all about?

    • Personal Visits– A certified parent educator comes to your home or meets with you privately to share ideas, provide guidance, offer encouragement, and help you evaluate your child’s development.
    • Group Connections– Children have the opportunity to play with other children. Parents have the opportunity to share their experiences, information, and support, as well as frustrations and concerns with other parents.
    • Screenings– Periodic developmental, social-emotional, vision, and hearing screenings are offered to help you determine any concerns or delays in your child’s development. If any concerns are discovered, Parents as Teachers will provide aid and the necessary resources to help your child continue to grow and learn.
    • Resource Network– Families are linked to community resources who can help you provide the best care for your child.

Contact USD 239 Parents as Teachers:

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