Who we are

"We are all connected to form parts of the Universe." ~ Universe Professional Ltd.

Universe Professional Ltd. 宇道有限公司 established in the year 2009.

Talking about the company name and vision, the "Universe" is all of space and time and their contents; a "Professional" meant one with particular talent, knowledge and skills necessary to perform the specific role.

We are a group of collaborating Coaches, Trainers and People Development Professionals came from dynamic backgrounds such as Human Resources, Learning & Development, Financial & Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Luxury Retailing, Performing Arts and Helping Professionals to provide Customized Consultancy Services to the clients. We see each individual unique with developed talents and undiscovered potential, our role is to instil the attitude of confidence into the person to strive for dreams.

We are delivering research-based integral Coaching | Training | Wellness consulting and development customized consultancy services to the clients; merging their strengths and expertise to deepen their insights and co-creating a higher level for success and awareness to their stakeholders. As the Professionals, we trust to grow together through life-long learning and supporting others on their sustainable development per talents and strengths.

Our Vision

To propel sustainable People Development & Organizational Effectiveness to acquire a higher level for success and awareness.

In essence, we promote Hearty People Connection and Supportive Relationship with Care for making the world a better place.

Our Mission

With the highest intention on enabling the sustainable change through advancing the human potential and aligning the potential with performance, we create a coaching space to explore and understand clients' needs through experiencing the developmental journey with the stakeholders.

We engage and support people in knowing thyself, becoming aware and communicating congruently through collaboration, experiential and co-creation experience.

We coach and cultivate the transformative processes to organizations, teams and individuals to discover more their ways of doing, thinking and feeling and the insights. Through the uncovering of the potential and heightening the awareness, the people minds will organically direct towards what is POSSIBLE and POSITIVE to perform their best performance and transformation; and maintain better relationships with self, others and the context environment we live to be more congruence.

Our Values

Everyone has a unique power in self-actualizing the DREAMS. We have a series of DREAMS Values to drive and guide our business direction, ethics, expertise, decisions, attitudes and partnership detailed as follows:

D for Depth (Deep Listening & Understanding)

R for Respect (Respect Everyone & Diversities)

E for Empathy (Empathetic Support & Care)

A for Abundance (Abundance & Meaningful Life)

M for Mindfulness (Mindfulness & Congruent Being)

S for Sustainability (Sustainability & Professional Development)