International Summer School

"Methods in Forest Ecology 2018"

09-16 September 2018, Pavia (Italy)

This summer school will provide background information, demonstrations and training in the application of the newest tools and techniques to collect data on forest community (both animal and plants) as well as quantify and analyse forest structure and dynamic.

This course includes lectures on different facets of forest ecology followed by field exercises, computer simulations and statistical analysis.

This summer school is targeted at PhD students, postdocs, researchers, foresters, forest consultants and managers, both zoologists and botanists, interested in forest ecology and management (basic knowledge of the R statistical software and GIS softwares, such as Arcgis or Qgis, is required).

Participation at this course involves the acquisition of 12 credits (ECTS and similar).

Application deadline is June 25, 2018

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