Business First

Because that’s what makes everything else possible.

Bringing business to Union County and supporting it drives area growth and development, creates economic stability, and creates communities that thrive. Union County is home to many diverse businesses ranging from industrial to educational. Join us and see how your business can grow and prosper here, too.

Available Properties

We have move-in ready sites with:

  • Access to multi-modal transportation, including rail and air;

  • Fast fiber, and

  • Some offering tax incentive through Pennsylvania’s Keystone Opportunity Zones (KOZ) and Keystone Opportunity Expansion Zones (KOEZ).

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Business Resources

When you bring your business to Union County, you’re not on your own. Our business resources are available to help you launch and nurture your business.

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Rural Enterprises

With forests accounting for 60 percent of our land area and another 30 percent being used for agriculture, Union County is home to a strong and growing collection of rural enterprises. And with the Pennsylvania State University being a little more than an hour away, Union County’s rural enterprises have access to the latest research and valuable technical assistance from one of the nation’s leading ag science programs.

  • Thinking of starting a business that relies on North American hardwoods?

  • One that needs prime farmland soil for crop production?

  • A tourist attraction that relies on abundant natural resources?

  • Plus, need an easy way to get your products to market, or your customers to you?

Then Union County’s thriving rural economy is for your rural enterprise!

Union County provides easy access to the permitting process so starting your business in Central PA happens now.