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A co-operative source of information about the battalion's activities, posted monthly, by a combination of the staff alongside independent writers, such as squad leaders.

Cadet of the month

The sole company within the organization, and yet still as strong as two. With leaders of tested mettle, and enlisted diverse in strengths. This company, though lone, is crafted of hardened bone. Nothing is birthed without hard work, and this company is the workshop of the battalion. Glory be hailed to the Alpha Company.

Full of cadets striving to improve their physical aptitudes in order to make themselves better citizens in terms of health. Hard work, dedication, and teamwork are the skills that define this great team!

Discipline above all else in this team, a willing to follow, and, on occasion, lead. These skills define the drill team of JROTC and cadets who join better be ready for long hours in the field improving their commands.

Patient and ever-watching guardians of the football games. These cadets are entrusted with allowing no illegal foot traffic into the game that would otherwise sneak in for free admission. Cadets are expected to be loyal and vigilant for any treachery at all times!

Rows of knowledge line the halls, classrooms really, of JROTC, and with great care have all been digitally categorized for your viewing pleasure. Not to mention for improving your mental capabilities to be an efficient and well-rounded leader. Prep yourself!

Have you even wanted to shoot things? Well now you can! Improve your accuracy and your discipline with the marksmanship team. The teams goal is to be able to shoot at the expert level.

Displaying and escorting the national flag on ceremonial occasions at official state functions. Showing the pride of our country in the form of excellent marching.