[ This area is only for young researchers and PhD students.
The International Conference Re-thinking Adult Education Research Beyond the Pandemic. Towards the INTALL Project Results, organized by the University of Florence Department of Education, Languages, Intercultures, Literatures and Psychology (7-8 June 2021), is dedicating a specific session to research poster presentations on the main topics:
  • Innovation and Future Competences in Adult Education Research
  • Professionalization in Adult Education
  • Sustainability, Inclusion and Wellbeing: Topics for Adult Society and
Smart Cities
  • Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in Post-Covid Times: A Digital Transformation

Junior researchers and PhD students interested in making a poster presentation are invited to submit an abstract. The abstract should describe original research and should be 150 words or less.
The abstract structure should consist of: Title, Author/s and affiliation, Keywords (3-5), Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion and Bibliography (for quotes and bibliography use APA style). Please do not use tables, charts or graphs in the abstract submission.
The researches presented will be included in the Conference proceeding.
[ The deadline for abstract submission is 30 April 2021.
Applicants will receive a decision notification by 10 May 2021. The poster submission deadline is 30 May 2021

If you are interested, please send an email to: intalljune2021@unifi.it