This meeting of the INTALL project partners has created a conference which will focus on the role of Adult Education Research in the times of Covid-19 and on the importance of re-thinking Lifelong and Lifewide Learning for the future. Based on the four pillars of Innovation and Future Competences in Adult Education Research, Professionalization in Adult Education, Sustainability, Inclusion and Wellbeing: Topics for Adult Society and Smart Cities and Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in Post-Covid Times: A Digital Transformation, the sessions will provide the opportunity to build a debate on the results of the INTALL Project.

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[ ScheduleThe conference will be held entirely online
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[ Pre Conference7th June 2021
11:00-13:00Research in Times of Pandemic

[ Day 17th June 2021
14:00-14:45Welcome and Opening AddressesFraming the Conferencearound the INTALL Results
14:45-15.00The Role of Research in Post-Covid Times
15:00-15:30Young Adults’ Work and Transitionsin Europe. The Research Vision
15:30-16:00The Role of Adult Learningand Education in Post-Covid Times
16:15-17:45Innovation and Future Competences in Adult Education Research
Parallel Session
16:15-17:45Professionalization in Adult Education
Parallel Session
[ Day 28th June 2021
9:30-9:45COVID and Transformationsin Higher Education:Challenges and Opportunities
9:45-10:15Confronting COVIDSkepticism: Relationshipsand Transformative Learning
10:15-10:45Adult Education Research:Some Perspectives for the Future
11:15-12:30Sustainability, Inclusion and Wellbeing:Topics for Adult Society and Smart Cities
Parallel Session
11:15-12:30Learning and Teaching in HigherEducation in Post-Covid Times:A Digital Transformation
Parallel Session
12:45-13:00Closing Address