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The full manuscripts, selected by peer-review process, will be published (one manuscript for one registered author) in the Book "Innovative biosystems engineering for sustainable agriculture, forestry and food production. International Mid-Term Conference 2019 AIIA" by Springer International Publishing AG

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Sustainable development of agriculture, forestry, and food production sectors is closely related to the research developments in the field of biosystems engineering. On one side, biosystems research is oriented to efficiently produce and process biological resources to satisfy the demand of consumers and a wide range of industries for food, feed, bio-energy and bio-based products. At the same time, it provides and develops engineering-based methodologies and decision support tools for management and protection of soil, water and environmental resources; design of structures, facilities, equipment and infrastructures; planning and design of rural areas and landscape; mechanization and technologies for agricultural production; agricultural electrification and energy usage; ergonomics and work organization and safety; computer and communication technologies.

The aim of this Conference is to stimulate contributions related to the engineering technological applications to the agriculture, forestry, and agro-food sectors. Researchers involved in activities related to Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, as well as Agricultural, Forestry and Food Engineers, farm and food company managers are warmly invited to attend the Conference.

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