Health Sciences Academic Technology Group


Welcome to the online home for the Health Sciences (HS) Academic Technology (HSAT) group.

Membership includes representatives from each of the AHC schools, plus the following resource partners: eLearning network, HS Office of Education, HS Classroom Services, HS Technology (HST) and Office of Information Technology (OIT).

The goals of HSAT are to:

  • Provide a forum for academic technologists within the HS to network and collaborate, resulting in fewer costs associated with software licensing and development.

  • Create a bridge between HS and OIT Academic Technology groups, resulting in a fuller and more transparent array of options and resources available. This will ensure better utilization of what is already available at the university and greater participation and interest from the HS on new projects sponsored by OIT.

  • Identify and increase awareness about academic technology needs "unique" to the HS. Identification and dissemination of these requirements will increase the chance of collaboration outside of the HS.

  • Provide awareness to the HS academic technologists of efforts happening outside of the HS, including enterprise-wide implementations, third-party reviews of software and tools, and OIT's Communities of Practice (CoPs). This will result in collaboration outside of the HS and greater participation in existing CoPs.