Working Groups

Some of the major projects EDU-STEM partners are collaborating on are outlined below. If you're already part of the network and looking to get involved with any of these groups, feel free to reach out to the leaders!

IUSE (August 2020) proposal group

Led by Sehoya Cotner and Sheritta Fagbodun

Sehoya and Sheritta are leading efforts on a proposal to NSF-IUSE's August 2020 RFP. Specifically, we--in collaboration with biology instructors at SEISMIC--seek funds to support our test-anxiety interventions. Reach out to Sehoya Cotner if you're interested!

Active LEarning Workshops Group

Led by Carrie Hall

EDU-STEM is utilizing its vast pool of data and research to create Active Learning Workshops. The goal is to design seminars that can help educators learn and implement the most effective teaching strategies in Biology and STEM classes. Contact Carrie Hall if you're interested in lending a hand.

This group's project is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Data Management Group

Led by Rachael Robnett

Ensuring the quality and consistency of data collection and analysis is a vital role within a Coordinated Research Network, and this group's focus is just that. Contact Rachael Robnett if you'd like to help out.

Expansion and Recruitment Group

Led by Seth Thompson and Cissy Ballen

EDU-STEM is looking to expand beyond it's current size by including many institution types and educators. This group handles the processes, paperwork, and logistics of expansion. Contact Seth Thompson if you're interested.

Design and Distribution

Led by Samantha Brandt and Abby Grace Drake

It's important that we get the word out about EDU-STEM. This group aims to do that by creating a recognizable brand and developing swag items. Get in touch with Samantha Brandt if you're interested.