Deciphering the Microbiome:

Empowering theory, cross-system analyses and innovative analytics to propel advances in microbiome science

This 2-day NSF-sponsored workshop will address critical gaps in microbiome science. Bringing together 60+ scientists in-person, and open to 1000 scientists as virtual participants, this workshop will engage researchers working on plant, animal, environmental and human microbiomes.

This workshop will bring together leading researchers spanning broad fields of microbiome research in order to advance the discipline.

Opportunities for Virtual Attendance: We welcome virtual participants to our workshop, especially early-career scientists! Virtual participants will have access to all talks and discussions in real-time, and will each be part of a 6-10 person virtual community for small-group interactions. We will use a variety of tools, techniques, and communication platforms to enhance the virtual meeting experience, and hope to stimulate development of new models to enhance participation while reducing financial and environmental costs of workshop attendance.


Organizing Committee:

  • Linda Kinkel
  • Kat Milligan-Myhre
  • Jonathan Klassen
  • Ben Wolfe
  • Jo Handelsman
  • JP Dundore-Arias
  • Ashley Shade
  • Patrick Degnan

For questions or further information contact:

Linda Kinkel