Club leaders

Club leaders are key!! They are mentors and motivators for young people. They coordinate with other adults in their club and the local 4-H program. They receive support from local 4-H educators and training. This page includes resources for meetings, officers and planning.

Toolkit for club leaders

Find tools such as meeting outlines, club ceremonies, service learning projects, fundraisers and more.

Help your 4-H club set goals, plan activities and practice good communication.

Find resources on understanding the 4-H basics, recognizing achievements, conducting meetings and handling behavior issues.

Also includes a quarterly calendar guide to help your club prepare for club, county, regional and state events.

Get your Secretary or Treasurer started in their role


4HOnline is our member database for youth and adults. See this leader user guide for 4HOnline 2.0 .

Managing clubs video training

Club leaders have a very important role that includes being a mentor, motivator and organizer. This video training helps with the basics of managing a 4-H club so your club can thrive and grow.

Watch managing clubs video


Trish Sheehan, Extension educator,, 320-235-0726