Frankel CVC Research

Commitment to Excellence

The commitment to excellence through collaboration, teamwork, and innovation is the basis for success for the Frankel Cardiovascular Center research programs. Continuing efforts to support a culture of collaboration, encourage creative thinking, and maintain infrastructure for both basic science and clinical research allow the Frankel Cardiovascular Center to remain at the cutting edge of science and discovery.

Frankel Cardiovascular Research Goals

Educational Goal: To provide outstanding pre- and post-doctoral training/education in cardiovascular sciences, attract high-caliber trainees to cardiovascular research at the University of Michigan, and train leaders of the future.

Research Goal: To generate new knowledge and make significant advances in cardiovascular research to lead the fight against cardiovascular disease.

Researchers and Clinicians

The Frankel Cardiovascular Center recruits and retains promising scientists and clinicians who are not only successful in their fields, but who represent the Center's mission, vision and values. Visit our digital timeline to view the contributions of U-M cardiovascular researchers over the past 100-plus years.)

Working for the Good of Our Patients, Today and Tomorrow

The University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center (CVC) helps lead the nation in all forms of research on the heart and blood vessels and the diseases that affect them. Our millions of dollars in research funding supports a wide variety of projects and programs that break new ground in our basic understanding of the cardiovascular system, and in the delivery of care to patients nationwide. And our Center's cooperative atmosphere helps break down the administrative and geographic barriers that have limited interactions between researchers in different fields.

Whether it's in the laboratory, the clinic, the classroom, the operating room, or a diagnostic or procedures suite, our researchers are working to make things better for patients today and tomorrow.

Internal Research Sites

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