Biomedical Manufacturing and Design Lab (BMDL)

Welcome to our lab web-site! We strive to be the Leaders & Best in manufacturing research and education by providing innovative and multidisciplinary solutions for our partners. Our foundation is the science and engineering knowledge, dedication, diversity, and team spirit. The lab is recognized as a leader in biomedical manufacturing. We have a rich tradition in engagement with industry and have partnered with clinicians in healthcare as well as with industry in research and education projects.

Our core competency includes the additive manufacturing custom orthotics and prosthetics, cyber-physical system for assistive devices, biomedical machining (particularly inside the blood vessels), soft tissue-mimicking materials, clinical simulators, and advanced medical devices. Grinding, drilling and clot cutting are three machining processes that we have long tradition of excellence and impacts in industry and healthcare.

The lab is devoted to manufacturing education, particularly on video enhanced pedagogy, hands-on undergraduate and graduate manufacturing courses and a textbook in machining. Every summer, we sponsor several undergraduate and medical school students as research assistant in our lab. We collaborate closely with Washtenaw Community College's Advanced Manufacturing Technology and have jointly developed a course in hands-on 3D-printing: MEC 120: 3D-Printing: Machine, Process and Innovation.

Tradition: Our group has two long-standing traditions

1. Signed football and group photo for departing members: Every departing group member receives a football with signatures from group members as a farewell gift. We also take a group photo together.

2. Dumpling manufacturing: We celebrate student achievements by design, fabrication and cooking dumplings from raw materials.

Professor Milton Shaw - A Giant in Our Manufacturing Community

Working together with Barbara Zitzewitz, the daughter of late Professor Milton Shaw, we have created a web-site to archive Professor Shaw's manuscript and honor and celebrate his life as a true giant in our manufacturing society.

1950 MIT

1973 Shaw Lecturing

1980 SME International Education Honor Award