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Interested in teaching classes in organizational behavior, human resource management, work motivation, ethics and morality, and social networks.

※ Please find an example of my pre-lecture video at the bottom of the page.

changing perspectives, gently.

Organizational research is full of counter-intuitive, often paradoxical, findings. By applying these findings to the daily life of my students, I aim to change their perspectives to view themselves, organizations, and the society. In every class, students will face challenging questions about human decision-making, organizational effectiveness, diversity, and moral dilemma.

In challenging my students, however, I carefully design each lecture to create an open and inclusive environment. I employ a variety of teaching methods, such as daily life reflections, real business cases, online discussions, simulations, and class activities, so that every student can proactively ask challenging questions and participate in class discussions.

I taught a large BBA core course as a sole instructor highly successfully in 2018 (4.8/5.0 rating) and 2020 (5.0/5.0 ratings), one before and one during the pandemic. I developed and used both synchronous and asynchronous materials, including online and office class activities, lecture videos, and team projects. I am enthusiastic and ready to teach courses in management, organization behavior, ethical decision-making and morality, and motivation, grit, and passion.

From Her Students:

“What would you tell your friends about Prof. Kwon as a teacher?”

“Professor Kwon is hands-down, no competition, my absolute favorite teacher I have ever had in Ross. She is fantastic.”

“She is the most caring and deserving of an award teacher. She goes above and beyond, relates to her students very well, and really works her hardest to be the best she can be.”

“I have never had a teacher more dedicated to his or her work”

“Amazing energy, super engaging, and one of the most thoughtful professors I have ever had.”

“She made a class that had material I didn't think was that exciting and made me excited about it.”

"Everyone loves her"

Sample asynchronous lecture video:

Lecture 11.mp4

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