Join us as we enter a whole new world with Broadway in Detroit's Aladdin! The show will take place on Friday, January 11th from 7:30-10 PM. Plan on leaving from the CC at 5:30 PM! Tickets are $10 and can be paid at the Honors Office.

Event Photos HERE!

Bring your friends along as we all head over to the Yost Ice Arena for a night of free ice skating! The rink is reserved specifically for Honor's from 10:00PM-11:50PM on January 13th so the earlier you walk over to the rink, the more skating you will have time for!

Join Honors to attend a Women's Gymnastics Meet On Friday, January 18th. We are leaving 6:30pm so make sure to get to the CC before then. There is no buy-in for this event just remember to bring your mcard!

Event Photos Here!

Join Honors as we celebrate MLK Day by attending several of the Symposium events:

One Family's Story: People, Policy, & the Politics of Deportation

      • Evan and Zach will leave from the South Quad CC for the Ford School at 11:30. A small lunch will be served.

Every Voice: Carillon Music by Black Composers

      • David and Jenna will leave from the SQ CC for the Bell Tower at 11:45

“Using Genomic and Environmental Methods to Unravel Hypertension Health Disparities in African American Women" a talk by Jacquelyn Y. Taylor

      • Sree and Jet will leave from the SQ CC for the Dow Auditorium Towsley Center at 12:15. Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Fights about Language and Political Correctness: What’s At Stake?

      • Katelyn, Charles, and Angela will leave from the SQ CC for Angell Hall at 12:45

Marjorie Lee Browne Colloquium

      • Kiran and Morgan will leave from the SQ CC for East Hall at 12:45

Race in Media

      • Pragathi and Afeefah will leave from the SQ CC for the League at 6

Join Honors at Hill Auditorium to enjoy a night of music at the annual Ann Arbor Folk Festival. The first night of Folk Fest is on Friday, January 25, and we'll walk over from the CC at 6:00pm. Tickets are only $10 and can be paid at the Honors Office.

Camille A Brown & Dancers are coming to Ann Arbor! Enjoy a FREE dance lesson (contemporary) with dancer from the company. NO DANCE EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! Meet at the South Quad Community Center on Saturday, January 26th at 12:30pm and we will walk over together.

Sign up opens Tues, Jan 22nd @ 8pm!!