Keynote Speakers

Tauber will welcome three keynote speakers throughout the conference to highlight their experiences and perspectives on the theme of Operations 2030 and how today’s trends will impact operations in the coming decade.

Speech: "Timeless Leadership - Passion"

Boeing Defense, Vice President of Fabrication

Speech: "Leading the 99% via an Industry 4.0 Revolution"

Eckhart, Chief Executive Officer

Speech: "Digital Transformation"

Emerson, Vice President / General Manager of Wireless


Programming on Friday will include breakout sessions during which panels will be hosted to focus on a specific trend affecting operations in the future. Panels will consist of 4-5 industry experts, who will be provided some questions to prompt discussion, and will answer questions from students in the audience.

Panel 1: Technology Trends - Industry 4.0 in the Upcoming Decade

Technology is today's hot topic in operations, but it can be difficult to distinguish what presents real opportunity from what is mostly hype. This panel will highlight some of today's cutting-edge technologies, their current applications, and how they may evolve over the coming decade.

Topics include: Big Data, IoT, AI/Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and associated security issues


  • Rebecca Rutishauser, Director of Global Additive Mfg, Emerson
  • Prince Idichandy, Senior Manager, Deloitte
  • Manish Vijay, Amazon
  • David Yanez, Founder & CEO, Andonix
  • Julia Vagdati, Director of Product Marketing for SCM Cloud, Oracle


  • Nigel Melville, Associate Professor of Technology and Operations, Ross School of Business

Panel 2: Sustainability Through Innovative Operations

Sustainability is a growing focus for many companies today. Increasingly, companies are utilizing new technologies and creative solutions to reduce their negative impact on the world around them and build a more sustainable business. The panel will explore how trends in sustainability will evolve over the coming decade.

Topics include: Clean Energy, Lifecycle Design, Electric Transportation, Plastic Bans and Alternative Materials, Accounting for Scope 3 Impacts


  • Mike Mikula, Chief Engineer of Advanced Mfg, Ford
  • Eduardo Alvarez, COO, Amyris
  • Ed Carr, General Manager, Boeing
  • Wendy Phippen, Director Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, Microsoft


  • Steve Skerlos, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Panel 3: Global Factors Influencing Supply Chains of the Future

Supply chains are becoming increasing global and complex, how are these trends impacting the way companies think about supply chain management? This panel explores how the changing global landscape impacts organizations' supply chain decisions.

Topics include: International Trade & Risk management, Supply Chain Globalization, Outsourcing, Vertical Integration, Supply Chain Visibility


  • Fred Perreand, VP Global Supply Chain Ops, Emerson
  • Evan Quasney, Senior Director, Anaplan
  • Andrew Burgess, Senior Program Manager, Enterprise Supplier Development and Diversity, Boeing
  • Amit Nagar, Principal, Bain
  • Ankur Agarwal, Amazon - Principal PM, Supply Chain


  • Kyle Handley, Alexander M. Nick Professor, Associate Professor, Business Economics and Public Policy, Ross School of Business

For more information or to become a speaker or panelist, please contact:

Charlie Manzoni (MBA), cmanzoni@umich.edu

Rhea Kumar (MBA), rheak@umich.edu