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Dr. Kathleen D. Klinich is an associate research scientist at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. Her research interests focus on protecting occupants in crashes, particularly child passengers. Research projects include pediatric dummy development, analysis of crash datasets, factors affecting child restraint and vehicle compatibility, investigations of belt fit on child occupants, analysis of crashes involving airbags and rear-facing infants, and testing to evaluate pediatric crash dummy performance under conditions other than FMVSS 213. She is a member of the SAE Child Restraints Systems Standards and Dummy Testing Committees. She is a NHTSA certified child passenger safety technician and mother of three.

Miriam A. Manary is a senior engineering research associate at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and has been a principal investigator on studies focused on child passenger safety and wheelchair transportation safety. She supervises the child restraint testing program at UMTRI including testing to FMVSS 213 standards and product development programs. As a member of the ISO child restraint standards committee, she has been involved in the development of worldwide child passenger safety standards. Ms. Manary is a past cochair of the SAE Child Restraint Systems Standards Committee and serves on the editorial board of Safe Ride News. She is a NHTSA certified child passenger safety instructor and a mother of three.

Kathleen B. Weber is an emeritus researcher from the University of Michigan who authored the original document, “Crash Protection for Child Passengers: A Review of Best Practice” (2000). She was a pioneering researcher in the field of child occupant protection, published numerous papers on her research, and served on SAE, ISO, and advisory panels that provided the foundation for current best practices in child passenger safety.


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