Spotlight on Success

Uinta 4's Spotlight on Success program highlights the many accomplishments and successes of our faculty, staff and students

Beginning in September 2019, Superintendent Newton started a new recognition program called “Spotlight on Success.” During each month's school board meeting, Uinta 4's Board of Trustees takes time to recognize extraordinary, demonstrated success. These successes will come from a variety of areas but, in general, will be focused on achievements that have truly benefitted our students. This is not an “employee of the month” program and it is not an “everyone wins a trophy program.” Rather, it is a merit-based attempt to recognize those staff members who have truly demonstrated excellence. Therefore, some staff members might get recognized more than once each year and some staff members might never get recognized.

May 2021

  • The staff at MVHS would like to recognize our graduates for the Class of 2021. What a unique year for everyone, and for those graduates most of all. For them to make it through the challenge of online learning in the spring of 2020 and then to come back for in-person learning this year shows their resiliency and their ability to overcome hardships in the future. Thank you to the Class of 2021! A very special group of students.

April 2021

  • The high school staff would like to thank and wish good luck to the junior students as they complete a month of ACT prep during their Academic Honor Time. These students are getting ready for statewide administration of the ACT on Tuesday, April 6. Good luck to these students and the staff members helping them test.

  • MVHS is proud of the following FCCLA students who participated in the State FCCLA event in March. These are excellent representatives of our school and district: Recognized with a First Place National Programs in Action - community service program: Jaxon Sweep and Spencer Erickson. First Place in Cake Decorating, Kenadee Hadley. Third Place in the FCCLA Creed Contest, McKynleigh Barney. Second Place in Extemporaneous Speaking, McKynleigh Barney. Third Place Extemporaneous Speaking, Damon Schoengarth. Recognized as a Volunteer as a Lead Consultant, Angelica Mosher. FCCLA All-State Recognition for his involvement in FCCLA over his entire high school career, Senior Caden Sweep. Thanks to FCCLA sponsor, Kirsten Bird for coordinating this culminating event for our students as well.

March 2021

  • MVHS is so proud of the Speech & Reading students who participated in the Speech Showcase in the MVHS auditorium on March 3. This was an event that incorporated reader's theatre, dramatic productions, informative and persuasive speaking, and poetry readings. It was so impressive to see these students share their interests and work with their peers and friends on individual and team dramatic scenes. Thank you to the MVHS Language Arts staff and their willingness to create this opportunity for our students.

  • At the March Board of Trustees meeting we recognized the 14 students in MVHS who have already met the ACT requirement to be eligible to receive the highest level (Honors) of the Hathaway Scholarship. These students have already scored a 25 or higher on their ACT Composite which is the qualification for the highest level of the Hathaway Scholarship program. Currently, the Honors level will pay $ 1,680 per semester for eight semesters for a total value of $13,440. The other qualifier that must be met is a GPA of 3.5. Congratulations to these students for their exemplary academic achievement.

February 2021

  • At the February Board meeting we recognized our bus paras and bus drivers for their excellent effort this year managing not only the normal challenges of driving bus, but also the additional challenge of keeping students in masks while they are on the bus. These are amazing people and we are fortunate to have them working for us.

  • MVMS would like to recognize our substitute teachers who are always available to help us out when teachers and coaches need to be out of the classroom. Without them, quality instruction couldn't continue. Many of our subs know our students and teachers very well and work hard to make a connection with students. Thank you for being a very important part of our school.

  • The high school also appreciates the entire custodial crew of UCSD #4 with special appreciation to Sandy Baer, Jessica Leon, Tracy Alexander, and Dustie Slaugh for their efforts throughout basketball season. Under the best of circumstances the winter sports season presents some unique challenges for our custodians, but this season more than others. There were many late nights on Friday followed by an early morning when another basketball game followed close on its heels. Although the basketball season for our student-athletes continues, we don't host any more games this season and the efforts of the custodial staff for the high school and district deserve to be recognized. Thank you!!

  • MVHS recognizes and appreciates the efforts of our school counselor, Stormy Hauf, as we enter "High School Registration" season. Mrs. Hauf is in and out of classrooms helping students select classes for next year and then has to take all of that information and make a meaningful best guess on sections for the coming school year so that we can have a master schedule that balances student requests and student needs. She does this while also coordinating "College Application and Scholarship Season" when so many seniors are considering different options and looking at their needs financially. All this while also working with individual students and small groups to ensure the Social and Emotional Learning of our students remains a top priority. Thank you Mrs. Hauf for your efforts to support ALL students at Mountain View High School.

  • MVE appreciates Mrs. Anderson's Environmental Science classes for sharing their books on water molecules with our 2nd Graders. The high school students were very respectful and did a great job engaging the 2nd graders in the content of their books. These students represented MVHS and the District well. They exemplified what it means to be a Buffalo! Thank you Mrs. Anderson and students!

  • MVMS would like the recognized the efforts by Ms. Page and Ms. Egley with their work together on the MVMS Yearbook. The torch has been passed to Ms. Egley this year and she has done an excellent job with her student yearbook committee. Ms. Page has been instrumental with "behind the scenes" work that comes with producing a yearbook. Thank you to both of these great individuals for making sure our yearbook continues.

  • MVES and the Special Services Department of UCSD #4 would like to thank two incredible paraprofessionals. Michelle Black and Gayle Martin have served in our district for a total of 32 years. Michelle and Gayle have been trained as reading and math interventionists in the K-1 POD of MVES. They are hard workers and dedicated to the students, staff, and district. You will find them in many rooms helping all students. We would like to say thank you for your many years of service and dedication to our students!!!

January 2021

  • This month we recognize all Uinta 4 students and staff members for their contributions to a successful school reopening this 1st semester. Because sacrifices were made by individuals for the good of the whole school, we were able to remain open the entire first semester.

  • MVHS would like to recognize the State Champion Cheerleading Team. This group of young ladies has overcome sickness and quarantine in January to absolutely represent Mountain View High School to the highest level. On January 28, that team won the 3A Game Day and 3A All Girl Cheer Awards. This is the second year in a row that the MVHS Cheerleaders have won the Game Day and third time in four years that they have been champions in the 3A All Girl Cheer category. Thank you to the families, coaches, and cheerleaders for their hard effort throughout the fall and winter sports seasons.

  • MVHS also recognizes the following students who were recognized as our January Students of the Month. These students get their picture posted in the library and receive an awesome pair of unique Buffalo socks and an MV bumper sticker!

    • 9th Grade: Tanner Lord, Gracie Pennington, Joseph Leonard, Oaklee Lawrence

    • 10th Grade: Cooper Redden, Kiera Davis, Dallin Hoopes, Kendall Carr

    • 11th Grade: Tanner Erickson, Anna Jo Short, Connor Meeks, Shaelin Wiggill

    • 12th Grade: Sam Porter, Mikenzie Roberts, Hudson Hysell, Shelby Parkinson, Shaelynn Mendenhall

  • MVMS would like to recognize Braxlyn Jorgensen for her amazing role streaming our boy's basketball game against Rock Springs. She was in charge of live streaming both games to the NFHS website. In addition to this, she also provided play by play updates during the game.

  • MVE would like to recognize all of our teachers for the time they have put into looking at math programs and tools. They have really put a lot of effort to find things to fit in our curriculum to help our students better meet our state standards, especially in the areas we have deemed our "power standards". The collaboration and work they have put into this has been awesome!

December 2020

For the December Spotlight on Success, MVHS recognizes the students and staff who took on the challenge of teaching and learning remotely this semester. All staff have had to be ready to teach all of their sections for students who were absent because of quarantine. We have also had numerous students who have been quarantined for up to eight school days. Overall our students have been able to stay right on track with their learning during their quarantine time. Teaching, learning, and education overall have definitely changed over the last nine months and one thing we have learned is that Mountain View is up to the challenge. Thank you to all of our students and staff for their hard work as we finish the first semester and Merry Christmas!

November 2020

MVHS would like to recognize our high school librarian staff of Kim Tait and Jaime Salinas as they took on additional responsibilities in November of checking in with students on quarantine. Kim and Jaime were emailing students and calling parents in an effort to be sure high school students who couldn't attend school were engaged in their learning and had access to all the technology. They have done and will continue to do an excellent job as advocates for those students not in school.

MVK8 Music staff would like to recognize JoAnn Pihl for always going above and beyond. Not only does JoAnn do a great job cleaning and sanitizing the music rooms during the school day, but she also does more outside of her contracted time to ensure materials, instruments, and the music rooms are ready for students to learn and excel. Recently she took the cans/boxes which hold instruments and manipulatives and painted/decorated them at home. Thanks for helping to make the learning environment inviting for our students.

Mountain View Special Services would like to give a shout out to Linda Newton and Colette Bugas for their dedication to MVHS students. Over the years these veteran teachers have established a system to help their students succeed and graduate. Thank you Linda an Colette for your dedication and hard work!!

Big shout out to our building office managers - Marlene Flint, Sala Condos, and Gina Tims - for such an excellent job and ongoing effort to make sure we have substitutes in the classrooms this year as necessary. This year, more than ever, substitutes are hard to come by and so essential to keeping school open. It has taken lots of problem solving, creativity, and juggling of schedules to make this work. Thank you!

October 2020

  • MVMS would like to recognize the efforts of Ms. Egley, our K-8 Art teacher, for her efforts to increase her student's artistic abilities by using "Inktober" during her Art classes. Inktober is a month long art challenge focusing on improving skills and positive drawing habits.

  • MVHS would also like to recognize the efforts of several students involved in Student Council during Homecoming Week activities. With so many events going on, several students in class leadership positions went above and beyond in terms of organizing and coordinating events for their peers.

      • Natalee Rudy - Student Cornhole Tournament

      • Ali Rinker - Stud Volleyball

      • Kyia Rice - Powder Puff football

      • Haylee Rudy - Combat Bingo

    • Also, several student council leaders went above and beyond and those were the four students in charge of the Homecoming Parade that was one of the best ones hosted by MVHS during Homecoming Week. All four of these young ladies did an excellent job helping things run smoothly on a short timeline.

      • Angelica Mosher

      • Ashlee Tims

      • Maddi Aimone

      • Kennadee Hadley

  • The Board of Trustees will be honoring Gayle Eyre for her outstanding contribution to the school district over many years. We all wish Gayle the best in her well-deserved retirement! Thank you Gayle!

  • The Special Education Department would like to recognize and spotlight Mrs. Alison Lyman, who has served the district and students for 34 years. Alison is the Office Administrator for the department and the compliance officer for the IEP process. All of us would like to thank her for her hard work and dedication to our students, staff, and community!

  • MVE would like to recognize the great work our nurses have done to get this school year started. Nurse Chris and Nurse Dallas put a lot of time in over the summer and have already had to field a lot of questions and scenarios that go above and beyond the "norm" of a school nurse's duties. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to our students, staff, and community!

  • MVMS is proud to recognize the hard work put in by Isaac Kiefer with our remote learning classroom camera system. Mr. Kiefer has spent countless hours working in his own classroom, with our tech department, and other staff members learning about and using our system to help create the best remote learning experience for our students who currently cannot attend school in person. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

  • MVHS would like to recognize the outstanding contributions of Activities Director, Dustin Rees. Mr. Rees has been active all summer coordinating summer athletic activities so high school athletes could come into the building in a safe way for sports camps and weight room work. Mr. Rees's initial system from June of having students scan QR codes with their mobile device and confirming their health is still in use today and is being used by other districts to confirm their athlete's readiness to participate in sports. Mr. Rees has also been active in working with the MVHS music department to ensure that county and state guidelines are being followed so that parents can still watch their middle and high school students participate in choir, band, and guitar concerts. Mr. Rees has also been kept busy with new guidelines for athletic events and totally revising our athletic schedules for the fall and - most recently - for winter sports. Mr. Rees is also the head coach for the MVMS football team requiring travel and practice adjustments as he works to meet his responsibilities as a teacher and the district activities director. Thank you Mr. Rees for your hard work and dedication to the students of this district.

  • Thank you Coach Hamblin, Coach Kiefer, and students for a great Middle School Cross Country Season. The final meet was held October 8th at Fort Bridger Historical Site.

  • Congratulations to Ashlee Tims for earning the WHSAA Good Sportsmanship Award for exemplary conduct and good sportsmanship shown during the Kemmerer volleyball game.

September 2020

This month we will recognize Marissa Cornelison for her selection as the 2020 Wyoming Ag in the Classroom Educator of the Year. She was presented this award this summer at the Wyoming State Fair by Liz Cheney, Jennie Gordon and Jillian Balow.

We will also recognize Joe Webb for his tireless effort in finalizing the installment of the camera and sound systems and his continued help trying to solve the minor bugs in the system.

August 2020

The Uinta 4 Reopening Committee has met eight times since May for the purpose of creating a path that allowed our students to participate in summer sports and activities and to develop our reopening plan. I especially appreciate the time of those members who were willing to meet even while on their summer break:

Committee Members: Jeff Newton - Superintendent; Kim Dolezal - Assistant Superintendent; Ben Carr - High School Principal; Tarl Van Dusen - Middle School Principal; Bill Erickson - Elementary Principal; Randon Lawrence - Special Services Director; Dustin Rees - Activities Director; Bob Alvis- Maintenance Supervisor; Pam Sibert - Business Manager; Chris Stoddard - School Nurse; Brian Deru - Transportation Supervisor; Joe Webb - Technology Coordinator; Brady Thompson - Elementary Teacher; Isaac Kiefer - Middle School Teacher; Jessica Moretti - High School Teacher; Colette Bugas - Special Education Teacher; Stormy Lupher - Counseling Services; Laura Jorgensen - Board Member; Kelly Carpenter - Board Member; Angela Sweep - Parent; Vonda Phillips - Fine Arts Teacher; and Dallas Cottam-School Nurse

UCSD #4 Special Services department would like to thank and recognize Michelle Black and Gayle Martin for their many years of service in Mountain View Elementary School. Michelle has been with the district for 17 years working as a Spanish teacher, a special education paraprofessional, and a reading and math interventionist. Gayle has been with the district for 15 years. She has served as a special education paraprofessional and reading and math interventionist as well. Between the two, the district is blessed to have 32 years of experience that benefits our students. Michelle and Gayle are incredibly hard workers and provide a valuable service to our K-1 students. Thank you Michelle and Gayle for all your hard work and dedication you have given to UCSD #4 and the kids in MVES.