Spotlight on Success

Uinta 4's Spotlight on Success program highlights the many accomplishments and successes of our faculty, staff and students

Beginning in September 2019, Superintendent Newton started a new recognition program called “Spotlight on Success.” During each month's school board meeting, Uinta 4's Board of Trustees takes time to recognize extraordinary, demonstrated success. These successes will come from a variety of areas but, in general, will be focused on achievements that have truly benefitted our students. This is not an “employee of the month” program and it is not an “everyone wins a trophy program.” Rather, it is a merit-based attempt to recognize those staff members who have truly demonstrated excellence. Therefore, some staff members might get recognized more than once each year and some staff members might never get recognized.

May 2022

  • MVHS would like to thank our elementary and middle school art teacher, Randi Egley, for accompanying our students to the 2022 Wyoming State Art Symposium. High School Art teacher, Mrs. Gardiner, had numerous responsibilities as State Art Association President, and Mrs. Egley was willing to step up and travel with our students and participate in those activities for our students. Thank you, Randi!

  • May 2nd - 6th is National Teacher Appreciation Week. MVMS would like to thank all of our great teachers who go above and beyond to ensure the best possible educational experience for their students. Thank you for everything you do for our students.

April 2022

  • MVHS would like to thank the room supervisors, accommodations testers, and our school counselor, Mrs. Hauf as the ACT Test Coordinator, for our school and district. On April 12 all of the juniors at MVHS took the ACT. These adults coordinated all of the testing and accommodations for our junior students on this important assessment. Thank you to all of these staff members who assisted with testing or covered for those teachers testing. They worked together to ensure the best testing environment for all of our students.

  • MVHS would also like to congratulate all of the new National Honor Society inductees and graduating seniors who will graduate this year as members in good standing of the MVHS Chapter of NHS. This year MVHS advisor Kolby Christopher inducted 26 new members to NHS and will be graduating 15 members of NHS. Thank you to all of these students for their commitment to the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Each is a great representative of our school and community. A huge thank you to Phil Johnson for speaking at our NHS induction as well.

  • MVMS would like to recognize Mrs. Stephens and the Student PBIS Team. This group of students are responsible for coming up with different activities for students to do throughout the school year. Dances, All School Meetings, and Friday Fun Day are some of the great activities they come up with. It's a great way for students to have a voice in creating an excellent culture at MVMS.

  • MVE would like to recognize all of our staff who helped with Kindergarten screening. It was once again a successful experience. Marlene made many phone calls to schedule appointment, and to even get the word out. This screening gives us important information to help make our incoming Kindergarten students experience in starting Kindergarten be as successful as always. Nurse Chris and Nurse Dallas screen hearing and vision. Elizabeth Vitt and Lori Erickson screen for articulation and language. Amy Lansdowne and Bonnie Rudy screen gross and fine motor. Our Kindergarten teachers screen many other academic areas. Other staff members assist as needed as well. It takes a crew to make this successful, and they do a great job communicating as a team and with parents to ensure we are planning an effective summer success program, and beginning to the school year next year.

  • April 27th is Administrative Professionals Day and MVMS would like to recognize Sala Condos as our Office Manager. Sala is a vital part of our successful school. Form answering phone calls and questions, helping students, and to finding subs, she does it all and ensures that MVMS runs smoothly. Thank you for everything you do.

  • MVE also wants to recognize Marlene Flint as our Office Manager. She really is the first person most see as they enter the school, and she does a great job with all of her many responsibilities. MVE Thanks you Marlene, you do awesome work!

  • The Special Education Department would like to recognize our Occupational Therapist Bonnie Rudy and her internship student Hannah Rock. Your positive attitudes and thorough evaluations are appreciated!

  • Lisa and Lori Jensen. Thank you for being willing to jump in help a colleague when needed! What makes it more meaningful to me is that you noticed what should be done and helped without being asked. Great work!

March 2022

  • MVHS would like to recognize our Transportation Training Coordinator and bus driver, Carmen Erickson. Over Regional Basketball weekend in Powell, another driver became ill and Carmen dropped everything she was doing to go up with another driver to bring the ill driver home, and Carmen stayed and drove the girls basketball bus home on some of the trickier roads we have seen on a road trip in a long time. Carmen stepped up and was her usual positive self while giving up an entire weekend with her family to support another driver and one of our sports teams. Great effort in support of a bigger cause. Thank you, Carmen!

  • The spotlight shines upon our high school students that are part of our newly formed Sportsmanship Committee. Thank you for your willingness serve others!

  • MVMS would like to recognize our ELA teachers, Mrs. Dolezal, Mrs. Kaiser, Ms. Page, and Ms. Jensen for organizing our first ever Read Across America celebration. Middle school students took 30 minutes out of their day to read to elementary students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. It was a great experience for all of the students involved. We look forward to making this an every year event. Thanks again to our ELA teachers to putting this together.

  • MVE would like to recognize Lisa Proctor, Angie Martin, and Tami Stoddard for the work they did in planning our first Title I Family Night for the K/1 pod students and families this month. It was well planned, and well attended. There were a lot of fun, engaging activities for the students and their families. Each student was able to take a book home as well. They are currently working to plan our 4/5 pod family night, and then will begin the 2/3 night planning. Thanks for the extra effort!

  • MVHS is lucky to have four seniors recognized so far for their academic excellence with 100% full-ride scholarships to specific schools. Tanner Erickson has been awarded the University of Wyoming Trustees Scholars Award; Teancum Piekkola has been awarded the Michigan State University STARR Scholarship; and Anna Jo Short and Kassadee Lym have both been awarded 100% of unmet financial need scholarships to the college of their choice via the Daniels Fund Scholarship. Thank you to each of these students for their hard work and for being recognized for the academic excellence and post-secondary readiness. Great job!

  • Thank you Special Education Case managers for your dedication! (Geraldine Schell, Lisa Jensen, Rhonda Behunin, Colette Bugas, Milly Webb, Lori Jensen, Brent Walk, Linda Newton, Lee Wentz, and Matt Clark). The evaluations, meeting planning, paperwork, and providing services to students are activities that require a significant amount of time and energy. You are very much appreciated!

  • Congratulations to the following MVMS students who participated in State FCCLA events in Cheyenne. Angelica Shassetz, Josie Wilson, and Reese Osborne competed very well in their events with some 1st place hardware brought home. These students have put in a lot of time and effort preparing for State. Also, a huge shout out to their advisor, Mrs. Brid, along with extra help and support from Ms. Page and Mrs. Dolezal.

  • Thank you Special Education Parent Advisory Group (Amy Walker, Angelique Littlejohn, and Becky Rolston) for organizing and participating in a parent night. Your voices and opinions help improve what we do for students.

  • MVE would like to thank Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Clark, and Mr. Baxter for their hard work in preparing our K-5 students for their music programs this year. MVE also recognizes the preparation the students put into making these fun events for all to watch. Awesome job!

February 2022

  • The staff of MVHS would like to congratulate the entire class of 2021 for their overall graduation rate of 92.5%. This 92.5% puts MVHS iin the top 10 of graduation rates in for high schools in the state of Wyoming and compares very favorable with the avergae graduation rate across the state of Wyoming of 82.4%.

  • MVHS would also like to congratulate the cheerleaders for their 3A Stunt Cheer State Championship win in January. This is the fourth state championship title for these girls and the sixth straight state State Cheer Championship of one type or another. Great job to our coaches, athletes, and parents for your committment to excellence.

  • MVHS would also like to congratulate freshman McKinlee Covolo. McKinlee recently traveled to Albuquerque for the annual Society of Range Management conference where she competed against 20 other students in a speaking contest related to range and soil management. McKinlee gave a speech in front of a packed house on hydrophobicity which is how severe fires ruins soil by hardening it and not allowing water to penetrate into the ground. McKinlee placed FOURTH as a freshman in that national speaking contest. Great job, McKinlee!

  • Reading Intervention CLT (Lisa Jensen, Anna Deru, Rhonda Behunin, Lisa Proctor, Tami Stoddard, Geraldine Schell, and Angie Martin) you are great! I appreciate the thoughtful and honest conversations around choosing a reading intervention. Your expertise is valued! Let's keep it rolling!

  • MVMS would like to thank our boy's basketball coaches, Brandan Madsen, Jaime Salinas, Monte Bernard, and Kirsten Goates for all of their hard work and dedication with our student athletes during the season. They are instrumental with these athletes and help build our future players as the move through the middle school up into the high school. Not only are they dedicated to building on the court skills, they work just as hard building and modeling respect and what it looks like to represent our school and community with pride. Thank you coaches for everything you do.

January 2022

  • MVHS is proud to recognize the 17 junior and senior students who have already achieved a composite score of 25 or higher on the ACT test. It is such an honor to work with students who take their academic achievement so seriously. These students have generally taken the ACT more than once in an effort to prepare themselves for the rigor of college and to qualify for the highest level of the all-important Hathaway Scholarship. Thank you to these students and the support of their parents as they prepare for their post-secondary careers.

  • The Special Education Department would like to recognize the Krislynn Landry and Tera Gilbertson. Thank you for supporting your coworking in a time of need. It's inspiring to know that your team members support each other and are willing to step up when the circumstance calls for it. Great job!

  • This month the Spotlight shines upon the students in MVHS who have already met the ACT requirement to be eligible to receive the highest level (Honors) of the Hathaway Scholarship. These students have already scored a 25 or higher on their ACT Composite which is the qualification for the highest level of the Hathaway Scholarship program. Currently, the Honors level will pay $ 1,680 per semester for eight semesters for a total value of $13,440. The other qualifier that must be met is a GPA of 3.5, which, of course, is still a work in progress. Congratulations to these seventeen students for their exemplary academic achievement.

  • MVMS would like to recognize all of the staff members who have taken time out of their busy schedule to help our lunchroom staff on days when staffing was short handed. The team effort ensured that lunch was served on time and ready to go.

  • MVE would like to recognize our Kindergarten teachers for the great Pre-K activity they put on this month. These activities go a long way in helping our incoming Kindergarten students and their parents feel more comfortable in our school setting by getting in our building and meeting the staff. We appreciate the extra effort our K teachers put into planning fun, educational, and interactive activities. Looking forward to our next activity on March 4th.

December 2021

  • UCSD #4 is proud to recognize sophomore Gaven Norris for his selection to the presitigious Wyoming All-State Choir. Gaven worked his way through a rigorous selection process to be selected for this honor and he will perform with students from across the state at the All-State Band and Choir event in January at the annual Wyoming Music Educators Conference.

  • MVHS would also like to recognize the December students recognized in our monthly Student Spotlight. These students have been recognized by their teachers for exceptional "student-ness" and for working hard at their jobs as students.

  • Katie Giorgis and Carson Tims

  • Rylee Stegall and Braden Walker

  • Ayanna Bell and Gaven Norris

  • Isaac Estes and Abby Cantlin

  • They did it again! Congratulations to our Student Council and co-sponsors Stephanie Johnson and Colette Bugas for once again achieving the recognition from the Wyoming Association of Student Councils of “Honor Council with Meritorious Distinction”.


  • MVE would like to recognize the following teachers for the work they did in writing and piloting lessons and units for Wyoming Ag In the Classroom: Marissa Cornelison (2020 Ag in the Classroom Teacher of the Year for Wyoming), Toni Martin, Anna Deru, Cami Brown, Sarah Butters, Brady Thompson, and Chelsey Lawson (now in Arizona). They were recognized by one of the Directors of Ag in the Classroom this week. They exemplify the willingness of our teachers to go above and beyond!

  • MVHS would like to celebrate the academic achievements of our fall athletes. Every fall program (Cheer, Cross Country, Football, and Volleyball) was recognized by the WHSAA for either Outstanding or Distinguished Acadmic Achievement. Together our fall athletes averaged a GPA of 3.62 during their fall season. GREAT JOB!

  • MVHS also recognizes the November students recognized in our monthly Student Spotlight. These students have been recognized by their teachers for exceptional "student-ness" and for working hard at their jobs as students.

  • Gage Stephens and Shae Wiggill

  • Halle Porter and Gage Shepherd

  • Colten Rice and Caprice Winn

  • Kody Allred and Garrett Redden

  • The Special Education Department would like to recognize all of the para-professionals that work in our department. Yours may be one of the most challenging jobs in the district. Helping students complete assignments, manage behavior, and stay motivated is a tall order, to say the least. Thank you for being here everyday and doing your best! Your work does not go unnoticed.

  • This month recognize Jennifer Larsen for her many great years serving special needs students at Mountain View High School. Recently, Jennifer was honored with the “Above and Beyond” Award at the annual Disability: IN Uinta County luncheon. Jennifer is an amazing person and employee.

October 2021

  • MVHS would also like to recognize the 3A State Champion Cross Country team. This team has grown and improved over the last several years, setting themselves up to be champions this year. The team was led by MVHS senior Tanner Erickson who finished second in the State race to teammate Owen Burnett, of Kemmerer High School. The girls cross country team finished 5th place in a very competitive field so congratulations to them.

  • MVHS would like to recognize the October students recognized in our monthly Student Spotlight. These students have been recognized by their teachers for special "With-it-ness" as students and for working hard at their jobs as students.

      • Maddi Aimone and Jaxon Antonino

      • Brooke Bindl and Aidan Salinas

      • Lillian Willett and Reuben Titmus

      • Addi Walk and Rhett Hunt

  • This month the Special Education Department would like to recognize Lee Wentz and Matt Clark. Both Lee and Matt are teachers in our Learning Lab classrooms. You both have challenging jobs that require continual problem solving, communication, and flexibility. It is difficult, to say the least, to maintain high expectations for students and help them become independent... while planning for their diverse needs. You do it well! Thank you for your passion and dedication. You both are valued members of our Sped team.

  • MVMS would like to recognize Sala Condos and all of the hard work she does as our middle school office manager. She is the front line and first point of contact for our parents, staff, students, and community members when they have questions or concerns. Our school runs like a well oiled machine because of all of the hard work Sala does. Thank you for everything you do for our school.

  • This month the spotlight shines upon the MVHS Student Council for the outstanding, very positive Homecoming Week that they planned and executed. There were many activities planned and maximizing participation for all students was a priority. By all accounts, it was a huge success.

September 2021

  • Mountain View High School would like to recognize the service and volunteer efforts of our high school football players. Last year an elementary aged student had some health issues and the community started a Facebook auction in her support. Coach Walk volunteered his entire football team for a half-day of work. Community member Rick Guild paid for the football team to come work on his ranch and donated a large amount of money in support of this student. This is the fourth time that the high school football team has donated their time, effort, and hard work in support of someone in need across the Bridger Valley by volunteering a half day of their labor. Again this weekend at the middle school football jamboree many of those same high school players volunteered to help referee the middle school jamboree and support their future teammates. Great job to the coaching staff and players of MVHS football!

  • This month the Spotlight on Success shined upon our three school counselors. Stormy Hauf, Kim Stephens and Kelsey Van Dusen were honored at the September Board Meeting by the Board of Trustees. Well-deserved!

  • Angie Martin, Geraldine Sing, Lisa Jensen, Monique Hysell, Rhonda Behunin, and Tami Stoddard... otherwise know as the FAST Experts... Thank you for being willing to lead out by learning the FAST assessment system and coaching others. Because of your efforts to understand and teach the FAST assessments I saw the K-8 teachers be able to go through the benchmark testing with relative ease. It's a joy working with you!

  • MVMS would like to recognize our tech department with all of hard they have done this first month of school helping students as they transitioned in and out of the school building due to quarantines. When students needed to have their chromebooks available to them so they could continue learning from home, Joe and Debbie made sure they had the chromebook and charging cord in the office as soon as they found out. Thank you for all of the hard work.

August 2021

  • Mountain View High School would like to recognize those fall athletes and coaches who begin practice this month. We have definitely learned that sports and school are critical for students during uncertain times and we appreciate the effort of our student-athletes and the coaches who work hard in the heat of August for their chosen sports. We know that many of the lessons that come out of participating in sports are just as important as the lessons that come out of the classroom. Great job to all of you and good luck!

  • This month the Spotlight on Success shined upon Business Manager, Pam Sibert. The Board of Trustees honored Pam during the August Board meeting. Congratulations Pam!

July 2021

  • MVHS would like to offer a HUGE shout out to recently graduated Kylee Dellinger who will be headed up to Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming to play BOTH basketball AND soccer for the Trappers. What an opportunity for a hard-working young lady. Apparently Kylee's efforts at the WHSAA State Soccer Tournament in Cheyenne gave some coaches and extra opportunity to take a look at some of the things Kylee offers to her teammates. The Trappers will benefit from Kylee's leadership, positivity, and work ethic. Congratulations to both Kylee and the Trappers for picking up a great kid from MVHS!