Laboratory for Integrated Nanosystems


The research program at LINS aims to advance the understanding of coupled-physics phenomena and performance regimes that emerge when material systems / devices are condensed into finite-molecular to nanoscale footprints. This knowledge is being leveraged to deliver technological advances in application areas such as “green” energy nanosystems, nanomanufacturing, nanosensing, and diagnostics. Our effort is enabled by the following experimental capabilities:

(1) on-chip integration of coupled-physics nanosystems,

(2) electrokinetic nanoengineering techniques for particle manipulation at the atomic-to-nanoscale, and

(3) multiphysics microscopy of nanoscopic phenomena.

The current research portfolio at LINS includes projects on sustainable batteries, electrohydrodynamics-based nanorobotic printing and straintronic sensing using single nanowires.

We are hiring !!!

LINS has multiple Ph.D openings available, starting in Summer / Fall 2017. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Subramanian at with a copy of your CV.