the GeoSPACE Project

Making Space for Everyone in Earth and Planetary Science 

Welcome to the homepage of the Geospace Project at the University of Florida! Our mission is to create an accessible field course and mentoring program to increase the success of students from traditionally marginalized and underserved identities, especially students with disabilities, in transitioning from undergraduate to graduate programs and careers in the geosciences. The course is open to anyone looking for a more inclusive and accessible field learning experience, meaning you don't have to identify as d/Disabled or from a marginalized group to apply. We have in-person and virtual participation so you can choose the style that best suits your needs. If you are looking for field course credit, you can opt take the course for two credit hours through the University of Florida (see the Details page for more info). You don't need to enroll in the course to participate, but selection priority is given to students who are taking the course for credit.

Course topics include landscape interpretation (on Earth and off), volcanology, remote sensing, digital data collection, project management and geo-ethics - all through the lens of planetary geoscience. You can find a full syllabus on the Resources page.

The application window for the Summer 2024 course is open and will close January 12. Shortlisted candidates will have a short Zoom interview before final selection. Click "Apply" in the menu to find the application form. 

What's so important about an accessible field course?

Field courses are a formative part of the geoscience learning experience. Field experiences contribute to student's academic success, sense of belonging, and development of professional networks. Many geoscience degree programs require field courses, and field experience is often a requirement for successful geoscience industry and graduate school applications. Yet accessible field programs are incredibly rare, which means the benefits of field experience are rarely available to students who struggle with the environment, format, or time commitments required in a traditional field course.

The GeoSPACE program is built on the idea that field courses can and should be accessible and inclusive. Beyond the field course, GeoSPACE students become part of a mentoring and support network designed to help students find success in their future geoscience endeavors.

In addition to creating opportunities for people with disabilities and other marginalized identities to gain field experience and mentorship, our goal is to act as a model for other field course leaders who are interested in creating more equitable field learning opportunities for their students.