The Slade Lab

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of California, San Diego



June 4th: We welcome two CAICE SURP undergraduate researchers for the summer, Karen Lopo and Katy Belcher!

April 8th: Ph.D. Student Adam Cooper presents at the ACS Spring conference

March 5th: We welcome Benjamin Carr and Lincoln Mehndiratta (co-advised with Vicki Grassian) as new Ph.D. Students!

February 25th: Some of our mentored high school teams present at the CLEAR Symposium hosted by CAICE!


November 27th: Ph.D. student Adam Cooper presents at MICRO 2020 International Conference

October 1st: Cindy Tran transitions into the M.S. program in our lab!

September 25th: Ph.D. student Sam Kruse has advanced to candidacy! Fantastic job Sam!

June 13th: Congratulations to seniors Reece James and Cindy Tan on their graduation!

June 2nd: The Slade Lab is now a certified Bronze Level Green Lab!

May 21st: Undergraduates Cindy Tam, Reece James, and Z.Y. Lin present at the ACS-SA Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium. Congratulations to Reece for receiving an Outstanding Presentation Award!

May 16th: Congratulations to Ryan Tumminello for receiving the San Diego Fellowship sponsored by NSF-CAICE!

May 1st: Congratulations to Isaac Canada for receiving the 2020 Undergraduate Summer Research Award from the Division of Physical Sciences!

March 31st: Congratulations to Adam Cooper for receiving the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and Ryan Tumminello for receiving an Honorable Mention!

February 26th: Congratulations to Ph.D. students Adam Cooper and Ryan Tumminello for passing their second year oral examinations!

January 6th: We welcome Mallory Small as our new Ph.D. student and congratulate Allison Kawasaki as she transitions into the M.S. program in our lab!


December 13th: Ph.D. students Samantha Kruse, Ryan Tumminello, and Adam Cooper present at the AGU conference in San Francisco

October 14th: Prof Slade and undergraduate researcher Isaac Canada present at the AAAR conference in Portland

August 25th: Prof Slade and Ph.D. students Samantha Kruse, Ryan Tumminello, and Adam Cooper present at the ACS conference here in San Diego

July 1: Slade lab welcomes incoming Ph.D. student and summer rotator, Mallory Small. Welcome, Mallory!

June 24: Slade lab welcomes our summer REU student supported by the NSF-CAICE, Isis Guadalupe-Diaz from the University of Puerto Rico. Welcome, Isis!

June 17: Slade lab moves to the Hydraulics Lab "H-Lab" at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for the NSF-CAICE 2019 summer intensive study SeaSCAPE (Sea Spray Chemistry And Particle Evolution).

May 30: Congratulations to Ph.D. students Samantha Kruse, Ryan Tumminello, and Adam Cooper for their acceptance to present during the 2019 ACS Fall Meeting here in San Diego, CA. Way to go, everyone!

May 16: Slade lab undergraduate researcher, Isaac Canada, presents during the ACS Student Affiliates Undergraduate Research Symposium at UCSD. Job well done, Isaac!

March 18: Nate, Sam, Ryan, and Adam attend Aerodyne Research Inc. in Billerica, MA for training on the EESI-ToF-CIMS. "It's not EESI being green!"

March 15: Congratulations to Ph.D. student Sam Kruse for passing her second-year oral examination! Hard work and perseverance pay off - way to go, Sam!