Virtual Seminar in Precambrian Geology 


Covid-19 has presented unprecedented challenges to circulating scientific progress and keeping us connected. Our hope is that organizing this Virtual Seminar for Precambrian Geology (VS-PG) will help keep ideas moving within our scientific community during the prolonged pandemic quarantine.

This virtual seminar series is open to all who wish to participate and has the goal to join researchers interested in any aspect of Precambrian Geology. The following list includes key topics relevant to our understanding of the Precambrian Earth including, but not limited to:

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Seminar Schedule and Format

Schedule: The seminars will be hosted on Thursday at 8 AM (Pacific time). Extra details can be found on the Seminar Schedule page. 

Format: The seminar will be hosted on Zoom. Each speaker will present for ~40-50 minutes. The following discussion is allowed by the coordinators to run as long as needed for the topic to be discussed in depth. This means all participants must be dedicated to maintaining a respectful discussion environment. Please see the VS-PG Code of Conduct page and read through our behavioral expectations. 

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