Association for Women in Mathematics

Chapter at University of California, Riverside

The purpose of the Association for Women in Mathematics is to create a community in which women and girls can thrive in their mathematical endeavors, and to promote equitable opportunity and treatment of women and others of marginalized genders and gender identities across the mathematical sciences.

AWM Student Chapter at UCR is open to both undergraduates and graduates. We welcome everyone from any academic institution or walk of life. We have active member awards for UCR students where one must register on Highlanderlink and attend two meetings in an academic year. If you have any ideas you want your local AWM Chapter at UCR to host, please let one of our officers know or contact us at our email below, We want to promote a welcoming environment that helps others in pursuing or starting their mathematical journey. We have an Instagram, @awm_ucr, that is updated with our chapter news and announcements.

AWM Chapter at UCR receives the 2022 AWM Student Chapter Award for Community Outreach

The AWM Student Chapter at University of California, Riverside has been selected as the winner of the 2022 AWM Student Chapter Award for Community Outreach. Each year, the Award for Community Outreach highlights one student chapter for outstanding engagement with the local community. The AWM Student Chapter of the University of California at Riverside receives this award in recognition of the varied, thoughtful, and original community outreach activities. The chapter’s efforts focused on connecting mathematics to the arts, k-12 outreach, and working with other campus entities. Highlights included the virtual conference Women in MathArt: Research, Creativity, and Teaching; a collaboration with the campus poetry club to explore mathematical poetry; participation in the campus Dia de los Muertos celebration by sharing entries for women mathematicians who have passed away; a platonic solids event for middle school girls through a STEM role-models program; and working with the education department to help prepare for a high school Sonia Day. The chapter’s efforts show a strong commitment to building community among the members, at UC Riverside and with the broader community.

  • President: Camille Korbut

  • Vice President: Shanna Dobson

  • Secretary: Nicholas (Nick) Foster

  • Treasurer: Nisha Desai

  • Outreach Coordinator: James Alcala

  • Faculty Advisor: Weitao Chen

Check out our Youtube channel, Association for Women in Mathematics Chapter at UCR, for more of our videos.

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