Welcome to my Classroom!

In my classroom, all students can be GREAT!


My name is Ms. Yvonne England. You can call me Ms. E. I am currently in a credential and Master of Education program at the University of California, Riverside. In June, I will have a credential in both Social Science and English. I am completing my student teaching at the Riverside Virtual program. I currently teach a group of AMAZING students World History.

I received a bachelor's degree in History and one in English from UCR. I received a master’s degree in American Studies from the University of California, Fullerton. Before joining the credentialing program at UCR, I worked for nonprofits. I was at the American Cancer Society for 3 years. I worked for the Junior State of America for 3 years. And I worked at the Boys and Girls Club for a few months (then COVID happened). In all of these organizations, I worked with students, mostly high-school aged. I loved working with them so much that I decided I wanted to do that full time!

If you have any questions about my class, contact me at yengl001@ucr.edu.