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Welcome Prospective Students!

We are so excited you are considering applying to CATA.  CATA is truly a one-of-a-kind school that is welcoming of students of all backgrounds and offers unique opportunities no other school in the county can match!  We offer an award-winning marching band program, top-notch symphonic band that performs at advanced high school and collegiate repertoire (Grade V and VI level), Blumey Award-winning student pit orchestra for our Spring Musicals, a Jazz Band that continuous exceeds 40 plus students and a New Orleans Style Brass Band.  You will find your home in whatever the style of music you excel at.  Below are some frequently asked questions we received from prospective students.  Please email Mr. Retzlaff with an additional questions you have!


Is it possible for students to take symphonic band year-long?

Yes it is.  You can discuss this with your school counselor and advocate you want this and through proper planning, I've had numerous students take band year-long.  If you are not able to based on academy required electives, we do offer a zero block symphonic band that meets daily from 7:40-8:25 AM yearlong and is honors credit.  Students do have to provide their own transportation for zero block band but is a great option if you cannot fit band in your schedule.

Can I do band as an elective in an academy?

Yes band is an elective that is offered to the entire school.  You can take it with proper   planning at some point during your academic year.  

You don't have a football team.  What do you do doing marching season?

Correct we don't have a football team but we do play at select home soccer games as a pep band and also march our competition show during halftime.  Soccer is a ton of fun to play at.  We can play whenever we want unlike during football games and our students actual prefer playing at soccer games vs. football games!  Our soccer team is also quite competative and its fun to watch us score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is marching band a requirement to do symphonic band?

No, marching band is strictly extracurricular.  Symphonic band is the class that meets during     the school day and receives an honors credit.  

When do you offer Jazz Band and the New Orleans Brass Band?

We do Jazz Band after school once the marching season is over in November and the Spring Musical is over in April.  They are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00-6:00 PM.  We do audition for this ensemble and offer spots for guitarists, bassists and pianists to join as well as any band instrument.  

I play a non-traditional band instrument such as violin, guitar, piano, etc.  Can I join band?

Please talk to Mr. Retzlaff directly about this.  I have had students join but is on a case by case basis and need to do an overall assessment to see what situation would work best for the individual student.  

How is band structured during the school day?

Because of the academy based structure of the school, we have to offer four sections of symphonic band (zero block and three 75 minutes blocks during the regular school day).  This means class sizes can fluctuate immensely from small to medium sized.  We combine the classes into one symphonic band that is a medium to medium-large sized ensemble and rehearse 2 days afterschool before each concert.  This is non-traditional for concert prep but the concerts turn out incredible!  Check out the video of our concerts below!

Can I participate in sports/clubs/extracurriculars and band?

Yes you can do both symphonic band and extracurriculars.  Symphonic Band is a class that meets during the school day.  Marching band may be different depending on the sport.  You cannot do Fall Sports and marching band since they practice during the same amount of time.  You would have to miss afterschool clubs during marching practice but some clubs also meet before school or during Cougar Time (in-school enrichment/tutoring times).

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