About Me

Grants and Honors



  • Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research, 2017

  • Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award, 2017

  • Departmental Citations - Computer Science; Philosophy, 2017

  • Provost's Award, 2013-2017

  • Conference Grants, Philosophy Department, 2017

  • Conference Grants, Computer Science Department, 2017

  • Travel Grants, Philosophy Department, 2016

  • Pamela J. Fair Undergraduate Scholarship for Leadership in Engineering, 2014

  • John E Rowland Engineering Scholarship, 2014

  • Dean's List, Fall 2013, Winter 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016.


In progress.

Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering, 2021 [transferred]

Master of Philosophy in Advanced Computer Science, 2018

Bachelor of Arts and Science in Philosophy and Computer Science, 2017.

summa cum laude.


I am a Ph.D. student at UC Irvine advised by Professor Sharad Mehrotra where I work on designing database systems for compliance. I was recently selected as a Noyce Fellow by the Irvine Initiative for AI, Law, and Society and my current work is funded by them.
I worked for three years (2018-2021) under the supervision of Professor Phokion Kolaitis, in the Jack Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where I was supported by the Regents Fellowship (2017-2018) and GSRs possible due to this NSF grant. My research was mainly on Computational Social Choice and complexity theory. My Erdős number is 3 (Paul Erdős → Bruce Lee Rothschild → Phokion Kolaitis → Me).
I was a post-graduate student in the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Cambridge till July 2018 where I was researching definability and learning on sparse structures under the supervision of Professor Anuj Dawar .
I graduated summa cum laude in Computer Science as well as Philosophy at the University of California, Davis. My dissertation comprised of two parts - philosophy, and computer science, each supervised by professors in the respective departments. The late Professor G. Aldo Antonelli and Professor Elaine M. Landry supervised the former, and Professor Norman Matloff and Professor David Doty supervised the latter. UC Davis generously supported me for four years with many awards and scholarships including the Provost's Award (2013-2017). I was awarded the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research (2017), the Outstanding Student of the Year (2017), and departmental citations by the Computer Science and the Philosophy departments.