Instructor Courses (syllabi available upon request)

  • University of Nebraska, Omaha

    • Introduction to Political Science (Fall 2020)

    • Government and Politics of China and East Asia (Fall 2020)

    • Government and Politics of Japan (Spring 2021)

    • Introduction to Political Inquiry and Writing (Summer 2021)

  • Chapman University

    • Asian Politics (Spring 2019)

  • UC Irvine

    • Intro to Political Analysis (Summer 2017)

Teaching Assistant Courses - UCI

  • Intro to Political Science (Winter 2016)

  • Intro to Political Analysis (Fall 2015)

  • Intro to Comparative Politics (Winter 2017)

  • Voting and Political Manipulation (Spring 2017)

  • Law and Society (Fall 2014)

  • Global Culture and Society (Winter 2015, Spring 2016)

  • International Business (Spring 2015)


  • Instructor: "Professor Kim is very educated about all the subject matter and her lectures are very informative! She is very kind and understanding as well and always makes sure that we understand the information. I would highly recommend this class and Professor Kim to other Poli-Sci majors."

  • TA: "Hannah is organized, intelligent, kind, considerate, and above all: fair. She systematically defines, reviews, and analyzes all the information from class in an effective manner. This is necessary given the extremely large setting of the lecture (200+ people), which can sometimes interfere with precision learning. While this class had some new, textual information, much of it was relatively straightforward/review on other lower division subjects. Despite this, she was able to not only engage the class to think critically about the material, but encourage learning the terminology and tactics to help view the world from the lens of an educated global citizen. She rightfully expects people to participate in and outside of discussion and to be timely and engaged in the material, and sets the standard for this participation/learning appropriately high. It’s really conducive to a strong, supportive learning environment. She replies to emails promptly and eloquently, and is beyond fair, maybe even generous in her grading criteria. She is soft-spoken but stern, which is a successful way to be a TA. I’d love to have a class with Hannah again – highly recommended. Thanks Hannah! :)"

  • TA [Anonymous letter sent to the UCI undergraduate office]:

“I panicked after the first week of this class. I went to all the lectures but the power points made no sense to me. I understood the symbols, but the concepts weren't explained well and what was explained was irrelevant. Even after purchasing several non required textbooks and desperately trying to understand the chapters before the lecture, I felt myself slowly falling behind. The probability of passing dived.

Then came the first discussion and all my doubts, stress, fear, evaporated. Section was packed with information--there wasn't a moment I wasn't writing--but a thorough explanation followed every new concept. A weeks worth of confusion was condensed into an hour of reassuring learning. For once, I understood the material.

As the quarter progressed section became packed, students sat on the ground. Nobody wanted to leave early. Students from other sections would come to specifically see Hannah. It was unanimous that she was the best TA for this course. Off the record, if she taught the course the average grade would be an A.

What was most impressive about Hannah was her availability to help. Not only through email and flexible office hours, she would even answer questions after an 8 hour long review session. Sometimes I was afraid of asking her a question because I assumed she was weary from all those review sections, but I shouldn't have been because she was always ready to help.

Many of those that came to Hannah weren't in her class so they won't be able to evaluate her, but they would agree that she deserves the highest praise. When one's feeling stranded in a class, a great TA is like a life-saver. And all students should have such a resource. I appreciate all the help she provided and I hope she continues to do the same for the incoming students.

Thank you Hannah.”