Experience the Stories

Experiencing the Sweetgrass Bear AR Stories

You can experience Knowledge Keeper stories at Treaty 6 marker sculptures through augmented reality (AR) on your phone or mobile device. Visit one of the four Treaty 6 marker sculpture sites included in the AR story trail and open the corresponding link below. No app is required.

Each Treaty 6 marker sculpture hosts four stories. Two of the stories, tānisi and Oral Understanding of Treaty, are included at each site along with two additional stories unique to each location.

This map features four Treaty 6 marker sculpture locations along with other items of interest.

Tips for Listening to the AR Stories

  • Be near one of the Treaty 6 marker sculptures. The stories were designed to be experienced on Treaty 6 territory with the sculptures.

  • Grant access to your device's camera and location when requested.

  • Be patient and move around the sculpture if you can’t see all the stories.

  • Recalibrate your device’s compass. Your device may prompt you to do this; mine prompts me to wave it in a figure-8 pattern.

  • Have a fuller battery charge. Your device will be using the camera, location, and playing videos. This can use a lot of battery power.

  • Click the speaker icon to hear the audio, it is automatically muted.

  • Your device may initially indicate there are no objects (AR objects) nearby. This is usually because it's still determining your location.

  • Trees and other tall structures may interfere with your GPS accuracy.


If you are near one of the four Treaty 6 marker sculptures indicated above but your device isn't finding the stories, check the orange circle at the bottom left. Dots in the circle will indicate stories within range.

If you don't see any AR content or dots within the circle, click the map view.

Here my device's GPS has located me near the Central Academic Building on North Campus, out of range of the stories. I was actually farther southwest of this location. When I walked a few feet further, the map showed me within range of the stories. GPS accuracy can depend on your device and on the environment of the location.

Click on live to go back to the AR story view.

What should it look like when things are working?

Campus Saint-Jean Example

Here are two stories visible at Campus Saint-Jean. Clicking on these title images will start and pause the stories.

North Campus Example

One story visible at North Campus. You can see the three other stories in the four dots in the circle on the bottom left. The speaker icon on the bottom right indicates it needs to be clicked to hear the audio.


For questions, comments or feedback, please email sweetgrassAR@ualberta.ca .

If you are a student curious about the project, please don't hesitate to reach out.