Hear the Stories

Experiencing the Sweetgrass Bear AR Stories

The Sweetgrass Treaty 6 Marker Bear sculpture pictured above resides in the foyer of the Enterprise Square building at 10230 - Jasper Ave, amiskwaciwâskahikan (Edmonton), AB. A map to the building is available on our Contact page.

To experience the augmented reality stories shared with Sweetgrass Bear, please:

  1. Download the HP Reveal app (Google Play, App Store)
  2. Create a personal account
  3. Follow SweetgrassAR.

Once you have made an account and are following our account, refresh the app and explore Sweetgrass Bear. Scanning different sections of the sculpture will activate different stories.

Detailed Instructions

1. Download the app HP Reveal onto your mobile device (smartphone or tablet)

2. Create an HP Reveal account with your personal email address

3. Login to the HP Reveal app

4. Search “SweetgrassAR” in the textbox on the main page that says “Discover Auras”

5. Tap SweetgrassAR's Public Auras

6. Tap Follow and a blue box should say Following.

You can only view an account’s auras if you follow that account.

7. Tap Back at the top left of the screen

8. Tap Cancel to get back to the main page

9. Select the blue circle with white square corners at the bottom of the screen. This activates the HP Reveal viewfinder to locate auras.

10. You will see white circles expanding and contracting as the app searches for a trigger image.

11. Explore Sweetgrass Bear, scanning different sections will start different stories.