Okan Bulut - Associate Professor

(PhD, University of Minnesota, 2013)


Research Interests: Educational measurement and psychometrics, focusing on unidimensional, multidimensional, and explanatory item response modeling, computerized adaptive testing, differential item functioning and measurement invariance, technology-enhanced assessment, and external factors affecting student learning such as technology use in classrooms.

Damien Cormier - Associate Professor

(PhD, University of Minnesota, 2012)

Research Interests: Educational and psychological assessment, applied psychometrics, with a particular focus on measuring human cognitive abilities (i.e. cognitive processes, intelligence) and academic achievement (i.e. learning). Secondary areas of interests include: technological advancements in the assessment of student performance (e.g. automated essay scoring, computer adaptive testing) and quantitative methods.

Ying Cui - Associate Professor

(PhD, University of Alberta, 2007)

Research Interests: Educational measurement and evaluation; cognitive diagnostic assessment; research design and applied statistical methods.

Maria Cutumisu - Assistant Professor

(PhD, University of Alberta, 2009; Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University, 2015)


Research Interests: Game-based behavioural, performance, and learning assessments; user-adaptive intelligent feedback systems; learning analytics; eye tracking.

Lia Daniels- Associate Professor & Associate Chair, Undergraduate

(PhD, University of Manitoba, 2009)


Research Interests: impact of classroom assessment on students' motivation and emotion; building assessments to support adaptive student motivation; teachers' beliefs about assessment

Mark J. Gierl - Professor, Director of CRAME and Canada Research Chair in Educational Measurement

(PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1996)


Research Interests: Educational and psychological measurement, focusing on differential item and bundle functioning; cognitively diagnostic assessment; assessment engineering; unidimensional and multidimensional item response theory.

Sharla King - Assistant Professor & Director, Health Sciences Education and Research Commons (HSERC)

(PhD, University of Alberta, 2001)

Jacqueline P. Leighton - Professor and Registered Psychologist

(PhD, University of Alberta, 1999; PDF, Yale University, 2001)


Research Interests: Educational assessment with an emphasis on the development and validation of assessments designed to measure higher-order processes such as reasoning and problem-solving, cognitively-based tests of knowledge and skills, validity theory and statistics.

Cheryl Poth - Associate Professor

(PhD, Queen's University, 2008)

Research Interests: Classroom assessment; program evaluation; mixed methods research design.


Doctoral Students

Fu Chen

Jonathan Duff

Btissam El Hassar

Seyma Nur Yildirim Erbasli

Karen Fung

Yizhu Gao

Chang Lu

Sabine Ricioppo

Jinnie Shin

Nazy Shojaee

Tracey Stephen

Xinxin Zhang

Master's Students

Jingyang Gao

Shannon LaFave

Bryce Odell

Susmita Saha

Tiara Slingerland

Stephanie Varga

Jiaying Xiao