Fake News & Dinos

Fake News and Dinosaurs: The Hunt for Truth Using Media Literacy

by Dr. Jason M. Harley and Daniel Beaudin

What would dinosaurs do about fake news if they were alive today?

Two young troodons, Soloyo and Tyru, don’t agree about anything except that they need to do something—and fast—about a mysterious creature that was spotted in the farmlands. Livestock are being murdered. Prized show raptors are disappearing. Troodons are buying weapons to kill something no one has gotten a good look at, but everyone is forming strong opinions about.

Is ‘The Forest Monster’ an endangered creature pushed out of its natural habitat, or a murderous beast with an appetite for young dinosaurs? Soloyo and Tyru must question what they thought were obvious truths and become more critical thinkers to solve the mystery.

Dr. Harley and Mr. Beaudin use adventure and suspense to show (not just tell) how media literacy is essential to understanding and participating in the world around us with an engaging toolkit to combat fake news.

Featured on Global News TV & The Toronto Star