About the Lab

The Computer-human Interaction: Technology, Education, and Affect (CHI-TEA) Lab conducts interdisciplinary research on the design and evaluation of technology-rich learning environments. We take special interest in measuring dynamic fluctuations in emotion and learners' ability to regulate their achievement emotions while using technology and multimedia.

Why? Because we want to make your learning experience less boring, anxiety-provoking, and frustrating and more enjoyable so you can get the most out of it! Check out our advanced research instruments for measuring emotion below.

We also develop novel technologies to help promote well-being and empathy because we believe in using research and its products to contribute to the public good.

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Looking for Fake News & Dinosaurs: The Hunt for Truth Using Media Literacy ?

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Research Funded by

Dr. Harley’s funded research currently examines:

(1) The design and evaluation of a mobile app developed to foster historical reasoning, empathy, and hope for and toward sexual and gender minorities. Funded by an Insight Development Grant (IDG) from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Role: Principal Investigator.

(2) Measuring dynamic fluctuations in learners’ attention and discrete emotions during interactions with the Edmonton Queer History App: A multimodal evaluation of a social justice education app. Funded by a Cornerstone Grant from the Killam Research Fund administered by the University of Alberta. Role: Principal Investigator.

(3) The effect of different instructional guide prompts to foster historical reasoning and positive user emotions. Funded by a Partnership Grant (PG) from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Role: Co-investigator on PG.

(4) Development and evaluation of EarlyDetect, a mobile app for psychiatric diagnosis. Mitacs Accelerate-funded industry partnership with The Chokka Center for Integrative Health. Role: Principal Investigator / intern supervisor.

Advanced Methodologies

Noldus FaceReader 7.1

Automatic facial recognition software that measures emotions.

Learn more: www.noldus.com/FaceReader

Empatica E4 Sensor

Bracelet that measures affective arousal through skin conductance.

Learn more: www.empatica.com

Eyelink 1000

Video-based eye tracker that measures gaze behavior.

Learn more: www.sr-research.com

Interested in becoming involved in the CHI-TEA lab? Send an email to Dr. Harley: jharley1@ualberta.ca