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The objective of the First International Meeting of Neotrie VR is to bring together students, teachers, researchers, and anyone else who may be interested in applications of virtual reality and associated high technologies to mathematics education and related areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). The meeting takes place in the "Sala Bioclimática" of the University of Almería, Spain, on 1 and 2 October 2018, from 16h to 20h.

"Neotrie VR" is a new software of Virtual Reality that allows pupils to create, manipulate, and interact with 3D geometrical objects and 3D models in general, in a totally immersive scene.

Among the new features of Neotrie, the multiplayer mode is the most outstanding, since it allows students, teachers and researchers from all over the world to work collaboratively in a virtual reality environment.

The first versions of Neotrie were awarded in the international contests of Science on Stage (Algeciras 2016, Éibar-Ermua 2017); Neotrie has been presented in various international conferences, science fairs, universities, high and primary schools, with great success. Since February 2018, it is also being tested in a pilot educational project on the european platform Scientix.

The program of the meeting includes practical training to become an advanced user in Neotrie, receiving a diploma issued by the main developers of Neotrie and the University of Almería. Participants will also receive 0.5 ECTS credits from the University of Almería.

As a result of this meeting, an international collaboration network of Neotrie users will be forged, as well as a library of resources and projects for the software.

We encourage people interested in high technologies applied to education, to come to Almería and participate in the "First International Meeting of Neotrie VR".



Department of Mathematics of the University of Almería



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