Dr. Shanhu Lee

Atmospheric Aerosol Research - University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Dr. Lee's research focuses on atmospheric chemistry and air pollution. Dr. Lee's group studies aerosol particle formation and growth processes via atmospheric observations and laboratory kinetics studies. Dr. Lee's group is equipped with the world class instrumentation of state-of-the art mass spectrometers and aerosol instruments. Her group also measures sulfuric acid, ammonia and amines in the atmosphere at various locations. Additionally, her group is working on indoor air quality problems related to particular matter emissions. Dr. Lee received her PhD degree in atmospheric chemistry from University of Tokyo and her postdoctoral training at MIT (where she worked with Nobel Prize Winner Mario Molina) and NOAA. Prior to UAH, Dr. Lee served as a faculty at Kent State University for 10 years. Dr. Lee was a JSPS (Japan Society for Promotion of Science) Young Scientist Fellow and received NASA CRYSTAL-FACE Science Team Award and NSF CAREER Award. Dr. Lee's research has been supported by NSF, NOAA and DOE.