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Next Book Club: Falcon Wild

March 26th 4 to 5:15 pm

EMES Book Club: All 4th - 8th graders from our community who have read or are reading the book are welcome to attend. Books are selections from the VT Dept of Libraries' Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award program.

Scenes from Book Club

Nineteen 4th-6th grade students attended the 1st Book Club of the school year. To go with the Rennaisaance theme of All's Faire in Middle School by Victoria Jamieson, students learned to play Nine Men Morris, enjoyed snacks including carrot/curcumbuer swords (and sword fighting), designed coats of arms, and discussed the choices made by the book's main character.

2018-2019 Library Days:

  • Monday: 3rd Gallagher
  • Tuesday: PreK Reade, 1st Grade Fitch, 2nd Grade Giammusso
  • Wednesday: Kindergarten Zeilenga, 4th/5th Gannon
  • Thursday: Kindergarten Gariboldi, 1st Grade Fecura, 4th/5th Shedd,
  • Friday: PreK O'Hare, 2nd/3rd Parker, 6th Willard,