Paula Parks

-Pre-k- Paraprofessional

Lindy King


Laura Torres

-Kindergarten- Paraprofessional-JH Cheer Coach

Billi Dumler

-1st grade

Nyta Griffin

-1st grade- Paraprofessional

Linda Bell

-2nd grade

Evelyn Kadow

-3rd, 4th and 5th grades

Jessica Hussey

-3rd, 4th and 5th grade

Therese Symons

-6th Grade

Laura Montoya


Kristi Banning

-JH English-Geography-Humanities-Psychology

Tressie Sims

-8th-12th English-AP Computers-HS Drama

Sherri Duty

-History -Newspaper-Computers

Travis Banning

-JH Math-GS & JH Athletics

Clay Witt

-HS Science -AP Biology-Anatomy-Coach & Assistant Coach- Athletics

Jacob Chapman

-GS-HS P.E.-GS-HS Girls Basketball Coach, Track, Cross Country.-Assistant Coach- Football.

Nathan Godfrey

-GS-HS Music & Band

Steve Parks

-Special ED-General Technology

Tara Koehn


Ramie Wetzbarger


Debbie Burns

-Cheer Coach-Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant -Child Nutrition Director

Jeanette Robertson

-Principal’s Administrative Assistant -Notary -Activity Clerk

Sylvia Garcia


Sylvia Hernandez


Carmela Giron


Annette Jantzen


Joshua Bell

-Superintendent-Head Coach- Football

Donovan Smith