Two Shots Coffee Services Limited

Manufacturer trained and certified field engineer with experience of heading and developing a fully operational service department with a leading London roaster. 

Now relocated in the South West of England, T.S.C.S. are looking to offer a full range of services. A range that includes (but is not limited to) the following manufacturers:

Offering correct installation and servicing, alongside breakdown cover and boiler inspection. T.S.C.S. will keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

Why Two Shots?

Following a visit to the high street, my dad asked the owner why their coffee tasted so much better than the other shops in the area. "It's simple really" the owner replied "we use two shots of coffee instead of one - it makes all the difference"

A simple yet effective solution toward the quest for great tasting coffee and an ethos we have tried to incorporate into our own company. The extra shot, or going the extra mile, is sometimes the only thing needed to make a reasonable product perfect!

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