Welcome to the Twisted Plays Director’s Guide. This guide is meant to help you whether this is your first time directing kids or this is you 100th performance. The goal of this guide is to alleviate some of the work and research that directors need to do prior to putting up a show. While this guide is meant for directors who are working with child actors many parts are helpful for adult actors as well. Refer to the table of contents often as parts of this guide might not seem ‘in order’ of your process.

If you ever have a question or concern please be sure to contact customer care. One of our educators will be available to help you and guide you through your directing process!

There are a few really cool things to look for in this guide:

Knowledge: whenever you see this symbol we have some knowledge that we’d like you to pass onto your young actors. This is a great chance to make every moment a teachable moment.

Web Resource: whenever you see this symbol we will be pointing you to a cool website or resource online that you can use. Use caution and preview any web resource before you show it to children – you never know!

If you see the copy symbol on a page you are free to make copies for your group. These are great for handouts.

Idea: whenever you see the idea symbol you’ll know that this is a great idea submitted by one of the many directors and teachers that we have worked with. These ideas WORK! So give them a try!

We hope that you find this guide useful. If you have anything you’d like to contribute please let us know! Email us at info@twistedplays.com – send any ideas or suggestions.


- The Junior Drama Team

This guide was written by the folks at Twisted Plays. Over the years they have put together all of the resources that have been asked of by directors. This guide is a result of that work.