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Woodlake Families,

My name is Mr. Garcia and I am the School Counselor at Woodlake Elementary. There are many myths around what a school counselor is or does. My role here at Woodlake is to be safe person on campus that students can come to when they need help. Whether it be managing their emotions, conflict resolution among peers, and someone to encourage them, my hope is for all students to be successful. As a counselor my role is not to be a therapist, but to help students find quick solutions when things come up throughout their day. Counselors collaborate with school staff to provide interventions that work for each individual. A counselor provides support inside and outside of the classroom. Some supports include CICO, small groups, individual coonseling, mentor support, classroom support, and more. I am always looking for new ways to support students and help them achieve their goals not only at Woodlake but in life too.

-Mr. Garcia

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