Girls Golf


We would like to say thank you to a couple of ladies golf organizations.

The Women's Golf Association of Northern California gave us a grant to get new golf bags for the girls golf team. Actually there has NEVER been golf bags designated for the girls golf team. So... Thank you.

And the Pacific Women's Golf Association gave us a grant to get a new set of starter clubs for the team.

Coaches Murray and Smiley



We do one fundraiser per year. It is quite profitable for us as a team. We do the parking at the Golf Expo. Yes PROM is on that weekend. You still need to do the fundraiser, both days (yes seniors, that includes you). You must bring one person with you to work - friend, new member for the team, etc. those days.

We sign up for the early morning time slot so that it is cooler for us. We work about 7am-ish to Noon-ish. Not a lot of brain power needed but it is great for us. Thank you to all that came and worked it this year. Especially Gary and Liz Nations. Liz worked both Saturday AND Sunday (real trooper there) and Gary came out Sunday and was also an amazing asset to the effort.


We are looking for girls golfers to join the team. We have room for several, as many of our golfers are graduating this year, new players. It doesn't matter if you have never played before. We will teach you. If you are a Sophomore or Junior next year we are particularly looking for you.

Come see Coach Murray or Coach Smiley after the 1st of the year.


This year you will be providing your own bottom part of your uniform. We will be providing the top and the hat.

For the bottoms. . . you may wear black skorts, black shorts that reach mid thigh while standing up straight, or black slacks. At no time will anything else be acceptable (NO leggings/yoga pants at all!!!)

You do NOT have to get them at a golf course. In fact I would suggest that you NOT to as they can be quite pricey.

Coach M


We will practice, when we are not in a match, Monday through Friday from 3pm til 5pm-ish.

Mondays will be pitching, putting and 3 holes of golf

Tuesdays will be putting, driving, and 3 holes of golf

Wednesdays will be driving and as many holes as we can get in

Thursdays will be golf games, putting games, pitching games, driving games


"Golf should be learned starting at the cup and progressing back toward the tee." - Harvey Penick

"The best stroke in the world is not much good without touch or feel." - Harvey Penick


Aly Bustillos

Johanne Fjoertoft

Rose Her

Olivia Lawson

Ciera Nations

Stephanie Schneider (Manager)

Kassidy Walker

Briana Xiong

Craig Murray - Head Coach

Richard Smiley - Assistant Coach

Home Course

The Lady Knights' home course is at Haggin Oaks Golf Course on the Arcade Creek side of the center. With one exception we will be playing the back nine of the Arcade Creek side of the course. There will be one match that we will have to play the from nine as the back nine will be punched.

Foothill Valley League

2019 Girls Golf Schedule

Date Visitor Home Golf Course9/5/2019 Ponderosa vs Rio Linda Arcade Creek - Blue Course (Back 9)9/10/2019 Rio Linda vs Placer Auburn Valley Golf Course9/12/2019 Lincoln vs Rio Linda Arcade Creek9/17/2019 Rio Linda vs Oakmont Diamond Oaks Golf Course9/19/2019 Nevada Union vs Rio Linda Arcade Creek9/23/2019 League Tournament #1 - Timber Creek
9/26/2019 Rio Linda vs Ponderosa Cameron Park Golf Course10/1/2019 Placer vs Rio Linda Arcade Creek10/3/2019 Rio Linda vs Lincoln Turkey Creek Golf Course10/8/2019 Oakmont vs Rio Linda Arcade Creek10/10/2019 Rio Linda vs Nevada Union Alta Sierra Country Club10/14/2019 League Tournament #2 - Alister MacKenzie (Haggin Oaks)

League Rep: Chris Buti

School Head Coach Home Course

Lincoln High School - David Foxworthy - Turkey Creek GC

Nevada Union High School - Chris Buti - Alta Sierra CC

Oakmont High School - Hillery Smith - Diamond Oaks GC

Placer High School - Carol French - Auburn Valley GC

Ponderosa High School - Tyson Escobar - Cameron Park GC

Rio Linda High School - Craig Murray - Haggin Oaks GC

Helpful videos


Organizations that we should be attached to ...

First Tee - They help golfers, up to age 18, learn all aspects of the game of golf.

Youth On Course - This is a program that makes it possible, after a test, to play any participating course for $5.00. That is all.

US Kids Golf

Junior Camps at Haggin Oaks

Junior Club is a club rental program. It is about $15/month for good clubs. You should check it out


The mission of our golf teams, both boys and girls, is to impact the lives of young people by providing learning opportunities that promote character-development and life-enhancing values through the game of golf.

We, your coaching staff, are committed to bring excellence and integrity in our daily contact with you as a member of our golf team. We will work with you to help you help you, to help you understand your talents, challenges, and desires in respect to the wonderful game of golf.

We want to bring character building fun to your lives by helping you to learn about your game. How to do proper wood swing paths, iron and wedge swing paths, and your putting stroke. We will help you with the rules, regulations, dress code requirements, course management, and understanding the game of golf.

Therefore, we want our Rio Linda Knights Golf Team members to embrace the seven knightly virtues:







and Integrity