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Weekly Homework Assignments

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Weekly Assignments

Helpful Tips for 5th grade:

NOTE: Please check out the quick links on the left-hand side of this page for help to many of your questions about my class.

Here are some helpful tips from the first week of school:

1. All students will in fact need a Science Notebook as stated in my Back To School supply list.

  • Spiral-bound notebook (with lined notebook paper for Science class)

2. What do I do if I forget my math home link book? See steps below:

  • 1. Go to the ConnectEd site:
  • 2. Log in (user name is capital TV+lunch number and password is the exact same thing)
  • 3. Click on the brown box in the lower right hand side (EM at Home)
  • 4. Click on Today's Home Link
  • 5. The HL assigned for the day should come up....just print and you should be good to go.