Reading Resources

2019 Teens' Top Ten Nominees- nominated by teens from 15 school and public libraries across the US

Florida Teens Read 2019-2020 - watch a video & read the annotated list

College Bound Reading - revised every 5 years, these lists will help you round out your reading as you prepare for college entrance exams and courses.

YALSA's Teen Book Finder App & Database free online database & app to help anyone who loves YA literature access nearly 4,000 titles on their phone

Fantastic Fiction - follow your favorite authors to learn about their new and upcoming books

Goodreads - - search and browse books by title and author as you decide what to read next

What Should I Read Next - type the title of the book you just read and find your next book

Book Seer - type the title and author of the book that you just finished and see what the wise one recommends to you

Reading is a joy, a privilege, and the right of every student. As you select the library books that you will read, please understand that every book is not the best choice for every student. If a book is unappealing or offensive to you, in any way, please return it and select another. You know which reading materials best serve you and your standards, reading levels, and beliefs.

Just remember these wise words spoken by someone once upon a time. "Dinosaurs didn't read. Now, they are extinct!"