All of our spotlight authors are donating their time to enter the conversation about children's literacy!

Kristine Mraz

Ernest Morrell

Sara Ahmed

Bethany Barton

Marcie Colleen

Carter Higgins

Danielle Davis

Dana Middleton

Sally J Pla

Beth McMullen

Tracy Holczer

Tom Rogers

Henry Lien

Lisa Schmid

Dee Leone

Midsummer Mayhem out June 4, 2019!

Rajani LaRocca

Amanda Rawson Hill

What Miss Mitchell Saw - out Fall, 2019!

Hayley Barrett

Maple Lam

Robin Yardi

Lee Wardlaw

Armand Baltazar

Tara Gilboy

The Memory Keeper out September, 2019!

Jennifer Camiccia

Andrea J. Loney

Sarah Momo Romero

e.E. Charlton-Trujillo

Shelley Thomas

N.A. Windsor

Mary Jo Hazard

Renee Perez

Lucy Ravitch

Chris Baron

Alva Sachs

Dawn Wynne

Emma L. Price

Vicki Tashman

We look forward to working with you in making nErD Camp SoCal 1.0 a success!