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UPDATE:  July 2023

Bids were received and awarded to the following contractors:

Awarded General Construction to Lobar, Inc. for $37,992,000
Awarded Mechanical Construction to Tri-County Mechanical, Inc for $9,338,000
Awarded Plumbing Construction to Tri-County Mechanical, Inc for $6,622,000
Awarded Electrical Construction to Pagaoda Electrical, Inc for $9,418,743

Construction expected to begin August 2023


3476.1 Tulpehocken Redesign Walkthrough - Final.mp4

Original Message:

Over the last two years, our school board and leadership team have been engaged with an architect firm in order to determine where our district needs to go when it comes to the Junior-Senior High School. For anyone that has been in the school in the last few years or even on a daily basis, you know that the school is in need of renovation. The building has served us well over the last 55 years, but with major systems needing upgrades and the current building not meeting many of our educational needs it was time to make some decisions. With the help of Crabtree, Rohrbaugh, and Associates, several options were laid out and presented to our school board. After much discussion, during this past board meeting, the Board approved a renovation project in order to make a huge investment into the education of our students and community.


While the decision to take on a major renovation was not an easy one, one aspect that has made the decision a little easier is the financial outlook of the district. As you know, over the last five years, the district has been able to reduce property taxes. Our real estate millage is the second lowest in the county and lower now, than it was a decade ago. Through fiscal restraint and strategic budgeting, along with development within the district, we are able to undertake a $56 million renovation project without the need to raise taxes to pay for it. We are confident that at the same time we embark on the renovation project, we will continue the fiscal practices.  This is certainly something we should all be proud of as very few districts can say this. 


We are currently in the design phase will present a final design to the board for approval this fall.  The hope is to go out to bid in next winter with construction beginning Spring-Summer of 2022.  In order to keep everyone informed, we have devoted a portion of our district web site to the Junior-Senior High School renovation project. 


As always, please feel to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Dr. Andy Netznik